Patria and the Finnish Defence Forces Have Signed an Agreeme
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Dec 21, 2023

Patria and the Finnish Defence Forces Have Signed an Agreement on Building the Capabilities for Finland's F-35 Programme

Patria and the Finnish Defence Forces have signed a service agreement on building the capabilities of Finland’s F-35 programme. The industrial participation capabilities of the F-35 solution will ensure the management of the F-35 solution's maintenance reliability-critical know-how and technology in Finland in both normal and state of emergency situations.

The direct employment impact of the service agreement for Patria during 2023-2031 is estimated to be approximately 600 person-years. The employment effects in Finland are long-lasting, continuing into the 2040s.

"This F-35 service agreement between Patria and the Finnish Defence Forces is yet another step forward for the entire Finnish F-35 programme and Patria. With this agreement, the Finnish Defence Forces will receive national solution for F-35 maintenance and service capabilities, which are significant for Finland's security of supply. On the other hand, the agreement creates the basis for Patria for competence development towards a new generation system,” says Petri Hepola, Chief Program Officer, F-35 at Patria.

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The role of domestic industry in building the capabilities of the F-35 programme is essential to meet the requirements of industrial participation and security of supply, required in the fighter programme.

The capabilities to build the F-35 programme are related to the industrial participation agreement between the Finnish Ministry of Defence and Lockheed Martin and the Ministry of Defence and Pratt & Whitney, according to which these companies must fulfill the obligation of industrial participation within ten years from signing the industrial participation agreement.

The main industrial cooperation projects for Patria include this large-scale assembly of F-35 front fuselages in Finland also for international users and further production of structural components. In addition, Patria will establish assembly projects with Pratt & Whitney for the F135 engines powering the Finnish F-35s