CN ROMARM S.A and Elbit to Cooperate on the Establishment of
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Nov 30, 2023

CN ROMARM S.A and Elbit to Cooperate on the Establishment of an Artillery Center of Excellence in Romania

Elbit Systems Ltd. and CN ROMARM S.A, through its subsidiary S Uzina Automecanica Moreni S.A. (UAM), have announced a cooperation agreement between the two companies in the field of artillery production.

As part of the agreement, the parties will establish a Romanian Artillery Center, with the participation of additional local companies to enhance the domestic industrial base, generate additional employment opportunities and establish a strong foundation for sovereign artillery production in Romania.

The cooperation agreement includes production of Elbit Systems’ 155mm ATMOS Advanced Mobile Howitzers including the transfer of know-how for the manufacturing, production, assembly and integration of the ATMOS howitzers. ROMARM and UAM will operate as the system integrator, with more than 50% of the total workshare. Moreni will also serve as a long-term local support and maintenance provider for the ATMOS Howitzers.

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The partners are considering additional potential Romanian companies for participantion in the center of excellence including: ELMET International SRL, Bacau, a manufacturer of Electronic Cables and Mechanical subsystems; IOR Optics Company Bucharest, a producer of military and civilian-grade optics; Simultec SRL, a supplier of operational and tactical trainers and simulators for defence; Systematic, to supply and support the Tactical Communications Network, Fire Support software and C4I applications.

The success of this partnership should generate new employment opportunities in Romania, supported  by the growing demand for 155mm Howitzers from the Romanian military and other NATO and EU countries.

Udi Vered, General Manager, Elbit Systems Land: “Elbit systems, a global leader in artillery gun systems and heavy turrets, has proven its business model through its 25-year commitment to the Romanian market. Our battle proven solution can be further developed with ROMARM through UAM production capabilities and transform Romania into our artillery hub for the region. By working together with ROMARM, we aim to position ourselves as a strategic supplier not only to the Romanian Land Forces, but also to the entire European market.”

Corneliu Visoianu, General Manager, Uzina Automecanica Moreni S.A.(UAM): “UAM is a specialized company for designing, fabrication and maintenance of armored vehicles since 1958, with over 15000 vehicles delivered to Romanian Ministery of Defence, Norh of Africa or South East. As National Centre for Maintenance, UAM is looking at extending its list of products and new technologies in order to answer for the new challenges that the region is facing. In this respect, production of ATMOS Advanced Mobile Howitzers with ELBIT Systems is a great opportunity”.

Elbit Systems is a high-tech defense company, that among other solutions, specializes in land and weapons systems house including the design, development, ‎manufacture and integration of Artillery Howitzer Gun Systems, Mortar Systems, Remote-Controlled Weapon Systems (RCWS), manned and unmanned turrets, tanks and combat vehicles upgrade and modernization as well as comprehensive, high-performance array of precision ammunition, rocket solutions and combat mobility, survivability and protection systems.

Elbit Systems has been working in Romania for decades, owning two local companies – ELMET, the largest defence exporter in Romania, and Simultec, Training and Simulators Company.

Elbit Systems Ltd.
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