Elbit UK Remain at the Forefront of British Armed Forces Tra
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Nov 29, 2023

Elbit UK Remain at the Forefront of British Armed Forces Training

The past year has seen Elbit Systems UK consolidate its position as a leading provider of training and simulation to the UK Armed Forces, delivering an exciting range of cutting-edge systems to ensure personnel are better equipped and better trained.

Elbit Systems UK continue to support the Royal School of Artillery and the Air Ground Operations School (AGOS) in delivering the Joint Fires Synthetic Trainer (JFST), a training platform used by the British Army, RAF and Royal Navy. JFST, which achieved Initial Operating Capability (IOC) in September, has delivered over 4700 hours of training to more than 300 British and Allied service personnel.

The Royal School of Artillery at Larkhill has five operational systems in place, including an armoured capability provided by the mounted version of the trainer. Three systems are in operation at AGOS of which two are simulator domes providing 270-degree vision, resulting in a high-fidelity, immersive training experience.

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This year also saw a series of new training wins for the business. In September Elbit Systems UK was awarded the Interim Indirect Fire Simulation (IIDFS) contract – this will provide simulated training for the British Army’s 81mm mortars and 105mm Light Gun at the Royal School of Artillery and the Combined Arms Manoeuvre School.

The IIDFS platform, supported by Elbit Systems UK’s unique open architecture, will allow for simultaneous individual and collective training of military personnel, demonstrating the cutting-edge training provision offered by Elbit Systems UK.

The business also won the contract to deliver Project Vulcan, the programme to provide, maintain and operate the Ground Manoeuvre Synthetic Trainer system (GMST) for the Boxer armoured vehicles and Challenger 3 tanks.

The initial phase of this next-generation training programme will focus on delivering training for the British Army’s new Mechanised Infantry Vehicle – Boxer.

Elbit Systems UK’s Interim Combined Arms Virtual Simulation (Deployable) (ICAVS(D)) has remained a mainstay of military training. First employed by the British Army in April 2022, the team have continued to provide high-quality training to service personnel. The Land Warfare Centre’s decision in September 2023 to put on more training events is a clear vote of confidence in the value of the programme and its benefit in training British Armed Forces personnel.

Since its initial deployment in 2022, it has been used on Exercise CERBERUS in Germany and Operation CABRIT in Estonia. This utilisation across Europe shows ICAVS(D)’s expeditionary potential, deploying globally whenever and wherever the British Army need it.

As we look ahead to 2024, Elbit Systems UK looks forward to providing increased ICAVS(D) training events, further JFST installations, and delivering on the business’ new programmes IIDFS and Project Vulcan. The business will also continue its work as the synthetic training integrator on Project Selborne, supporting Team Fisher’s aim of bringing better-trained sailors to the front line faster.

"Elbit Systems UK continues to deliver some of the most advanced training and simulation programmes to provide our Armed Forces personnel with the highest quality training. The wide-ranging use of our training platforms across the Armed Forces is a testament to the hard work of our people and the quality of the equipment and synthetics that we produce." Martin Fausset, CEO of Elbit Systems UK

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