NGC Delivers Mini Laser to US Government
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Aug 24, 2023

NGC Delivers Mini Laser to US Government

Northrop Grumman Corporation (NYSE: NOC) has delivered a miniaturized high-energy laser source to the U.S. government. The laser is ruggedized for field use and miniaturizing it allows for rapid placement in tactical situations.

  • The 10kW class high-energy laser, known as Phantom, is about 12 cubic feet (nearly the size of a mini fridge).
  • Weighing less than 200 pounds, it enables lift, carry and installation by as few as two personnel.
  • The Phantom customer will integrate it with other subsystems for testing and delivery to military customers.

Robert Fleming, vice president and general manager, strategic space systems, Northrop Grumman: “By miniaturizing this advanced capability, we are expanding the reach of our technology and continuing to lead the way in high-energy lasers. Northrop Grumman is using its expertise in directed energy to deliver an extremely compact, lightweight and efficient laser for the warfighter.”

Details on Phantom:
Northrop Grumman develops high-energy laser solutions for warfighters to defend our nation at sea, on land and in the air. For more than 50 years our technology continues to protect U.S. forces from a range of threats such as unmanned aerial systems, rockets, artillery and mortars, fast attack boats and missiles.

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