Loc Performance and Milrem Robotics Collaborate on Bid for U
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Jun 14, 2023

Loc Performance and Milrem Robotics Collaborate on Bid for US Army's RCV-L Program

Loc Performance (“Loc”), a leading provider of military vehicle systems, and Milrem Robotics (“Milrem”), the leading European developer of robotics and autonomous systems, have joined together to create a world-class offering for the United States Army’s Robotic Combat Vehicle-Light (RCV-L) Prototype program. The collaboration between Loc and Milrem brings together the specialized strength and expertise of each company to create a ground-breaking modular-base Robotic Combat Vehicle (RCV), which the team has called the WarLoc.

The WarLoc’s design is based on Milrem Robotics’ Type-X, the most advanced RCV of its kind. The Type-X is the first RCV conceived for unmanned operations, instead of a manned vehicle converted for remote operations. It was developed to navigate the battlefield autonomously, with a human-in-the-loop control system and artificial intelligence (AI) as an integral part of the operating algorithm.

“WarLoc benefits from the experience gained from thorough tests of the Type-X that have demonstrated its superior capabilities and the continuous development of the subsystems and components in the Type-X family,” said Guy C. Enderle, Director of US Operation at Milrem Robotics. “This helps to ensure reduced life cycle costs on the fleet level, high commonality, and optimal performance.”

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Building off lessons learned from the Type-X platform, WarLoc is safe, reliable and easy to learn, utilizing intuitive and logical controls. The WarLoc was designed and built with amphibious capabilities for high mobility in any terrain: soft soil, snow, or desert. Various payloads have been integrated with the Modular Base Platform (MBP) to provide a variety of overmatching firepower options and tactical advantages to mechanized units. The payoff is fast penetration of enemy defensive positions with minimal risk to ground troops.

Milrem Robotics has ten years of experience with robotics and autonomous systems, and its intelligent unmanned systems are operating in 16 countries, including 8 members of NATO: USA, Estonia, France, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, and United Kingdom. Milrem Robotics is the only RCV developer with vehicles currently operating in combat. WarLoc’s sister vehicles are supporting Ukraine today.

“After 50 years of providing successful vehicle upgrade solutions as a military supplier, Loc is ready and excited to enter the vehicle market,” said Jason Atkinson, Loc’s President & CEO. “Witnessing the challenges the military has faced introducing new technology for the War Fighter, the Loc team is positioned to ensure the military receives a best-cost solution that meets the needs of our brave men and women of the armed forces.”

Loc’s unique business model has enabled significant year-over-year market growth. For the past two decades, Loc has focused on expanding and maturing its design and manufacturing presence, while maintaining an efficient and cost-effective corporate structure, making insourcing of offshore technology feasible.

Currently, Loc operates four facilities covering 1,779,000 square feet of floor space, with three facilities located in Michigan and one in Ohio. Loc’s portfolio includes the design and manufacturing of complex critical items that are necessary to produce the RCV-L platform. Specifically, Loc’s core products include mechanical systems, track systems, large fabricated structures (armor steel and/or aluminum), armor kits and hardware vehicle integration for the U.S. Army’s portfolio of ground combat vehicle systems.

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