DoD Awards Astra New Launch Contract Add-on
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May 17, 2023

DoD Awards Astra New Launch Contract Add-on

  • Defense Innovation Unit adds first test flight of Rocket 4 to Launch Contract

Astra Space, Inc. (“Astra”) (Nasdaq: ASTR) announced today that it has been awarded a launch contract add-on for Rocket 4’s first test flight with the U.S. Department of Defense (the “DoD”), facilitated by the Defense Innovation Unit (the “DIU”).

This award is an add-on to Astra’s existing contract with the DIU.

Rocket 4 is designed for a nominal payload capacity of approximately 600 kilograms to a 500 km mid-inclination orbit. The first launch is intended to test the overall operations of Launch System 2, collect flight data prior to re-commencing commercial flight operations, and ensure that Rocket 4 will support future DoD mission requirements.

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The DIU works to strengthen America’s national security by accelerating the adoption of leading commercial technology and giving innovative American businesses the opportunity to solve high-impact national security problems.

“It is an honor to continue to work with the DoD to support a more resilient national space infrastructure,” said Dr. Tom Williams, Senior Director of Federal Sales at Astra. “We’re excited to have the support from the DIU on the first launch of Rocket 4.”