Bristow Launches SAR Helicopter Services for Netherlands Coa
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Nov 4, 2022

Bristow Launches SAR Helicopter Services for Netherlands Coastguard

  • Bristow returns to the Netherlands to provide search and rescue (SAR) helicopter services
  • The 10-year contract provides a 24/7 all-weather search and rescue service with dedicated SAR configured AW189 helicopters at the Den Helder and Midden Zeeland Airports on behalf of the Netherlands Coastguard
  • Bristow's worldwide SAR expertise will ensure safe, operationally capable, and best value service to the Netherlands Coastguard

Bristow Group Inc. (NYSE: VTOL), the leading global provider of innovative and sustainable vertical flight solutions, today embarks on a new 10-year relationship with the Netherlands Coastguard, delivering critical helicopter SAR operations for people and communities across the country through its affiliate, Bristow Netherlands B.V.

At 1 p.m. Central European Time on November 4, 2022, two new custom-designed SAR bases officially went on-line at Den Helder and Midden Zeeland Airports, where specialist Bristow teams with SAR-configured helicopters now stand ready to respond to emergency events and critical government taskings in all weather, day and night.

"Today marks an important moment for all of us at Bristow. It's a huge honor to be chosen to deliver this critical lifesaving service as we draw on our unmatched experience of delivering SAR for governments around the world," said Alan Corbett, Bristow Senior Vice President for Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia & Australia and Search and Rescue. "Bristow has a long history of operations in the Netherlands. In addition to bringing industry-leading skills, technologies, and innovation, we are also proud to re-establish our Target Zero safety culture in the Netherlands, which underpins our entire operations with each decision we make."

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Each new base is home to a winch equipped AW189 helicopter and is staffed by experienced engineers and ground support teams. Bristow will also provide an additional back-up aircraft, ensuring continuity of this lifesaving service.

The aircraft – crewed by two pilots as well as specialist winch operators and a SAR nurse – also feature custom-designed ergonomic medical stations, giving the SAR nurse the right facilities to provide urgent medical care during flight.

Bristow will also introduce new technologies such as mission management and data-link systems, ensuring ever-closer collaboration with other government services and assets and an increasingly effective SAR service for the Netherlands.

As well as responding to emergencies, the new SAR teams, who are tasked by the Joint Rescue Coordination Centre in Den Helder, are also trained and prepared to support the Netherlands Coastguard with other duties, such as the aftermath of disasters, incidents, and transporting the Maritime Incident Response Group (MIRG).

Bristow's expansive global SAR services include operations in the Dutch Caribbean, Falkland Islands, Guyana, Norway, Suriname, Trinidad, and the United States. Bristow also operates the HM Coastguard helicopter search and rescue service for the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) of the U.K. Government.

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