Diehl Defence, HENSOLDT and Airbus Delivered GBAD System IRI
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Oct 19, 2022

Diehl Defence, HENSOLDT and Airbus Delivered GBAD System IRIS-T SLM to Ukraine

Proven cooperation of the partners for missiles, radar technology and in-tegrated battle management software

Together with its partners HENSOLDT and Airbus, the general contractor Diehl Defence delivered a combat unit of the ground-based air defence system IRIS-T SLM to Ukraine. After the signing of the contract for this combat unit in June 2022, this rapid fulfillment of the delivery obligation is an exceptional industrial performance of the partners. Further IRIS-T SLM systems for Ukraine will follow as quickly as the industrial process will allow.

Diehl Defence is the general contractor and system integrator for IRIS-T SLM and also delivers the launcher as well as the missiles. HENSOLDT contributes the multifunctional radar TRML-4D. The Integrated Battle Ma-nagement Software Fire Control (IBMS-FS) for the tactical operation center is from Airbus.

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Diehl Defence, HENSOLDT and Airbus have been cooperating in the field of ground-based air defence for a long time and offer, among others, the IRIS-T SLM system that is designed for medium ranges, of 40 km distance and 20 km altitude. Diehl Defence is currently developing the system IRIS-T SLX which is characterized by a performance increase. It features a larger range (up to 80 km) and altitude coverage (up to 30 km) and thus extends reaction and warning times and improves the protection perimeter. Here, as well, HENSOLDT and Air-bus are partners of Diehl Defence.

On the occasion of the first delivery of an IRIS-T SLM firing unit, Helmut Rauch, CEO of Diehl Defence, noticed: "We interpret the new customer's confidence in our product as obligation and we will make sure that it comple-tely fulfills its intended purpose of protecting facilities on the ground against air threats.”

Thomas Müller, CEO of HENSOLDT, said: "With our world class radar, we are contributing to the protection of Ukranian cities. I am proud that our employees’ commitment allows a delivery of the equipment in an extre-mely short time.”

Michael Schöllhorn, CEO of Airbus Defence and Space, emphasized: "Ukraine's defence capability is noticeably strengthened by the delivery of IRIS-T SLM. The system offers an effective protection against threats origina-ting from rocket and drone attacks. In short: The deployment of IRIS-T SLM saves human lives in Ukraine. Hence, we are glad to make our contribution out of deep conviction.”

The joint solutions of Diehl Defence, Airbus and HENSOLDT as exclusively German systems are independent of foreign technology which is why they provide a maximum of accreditation and certifiability for use in Germany and, in addition, highest possible security of supply. Simultaneously, they are fully compatible with the NATO integrated air defence architecture.