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UK Defence Market Analysis: UK Has Entered The Post-BREXIT Unchartered Territory

The United Kingdom must rely on its own means to navigate successfully through the many obstacles. Having exited the common market, it must quickly redefine its relations with the EU, the most important trade and political partner in its vicinity. At the same time, it will try to broaden its horizons, redefine its role in the world and shape its future by establishing renewed ties with international partners.

There are multiple challenges ahead, with the financial and political being the biggest ones as they can derail its prominence in global affairs. Relying exclusively on its capabilities, the country needs to use every element of power to succeed. The Integrated Review published this year is an effort to provide the principles with and the framework within which every public organization and agency must plot its course of action for the vision of Global Britain. It is an effort to promote jointness of all the parties involved to bring security, economic prosperity, social stability, technological prominence and cultural recognition.

The country study “United Kingdom Defense Market - Analysis and Forecast to 2029” provides an insight into the current and future political and economic landscape with its risks and opportunities, a forecast on defense spending and, how this affects the force structure and major equipment programs. Finally, the report presents the country’s defense industrial establishment, its driving forces, the legal and organizational framework, the major players and the paths to entering this market.

United Kingdom Defense Market - Analysis and Forecast to 2029

United Kingdom Defense Market - Analysis and Forecast to 2029

Political Landscape, Economic Future, Armed Forces ( Army, Navy, Air Force ) , Defense Spending Forecast, UK Defense Industry

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Source: ASDReports - Market Research
Date: Nov 12, 2021
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