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Danish Industrial Partners Set to Deliver New Vessels for Royal Danish Navy

Odense Maritime Technology, Terma and PensionDanmark announce joint candidacy for the full-range delivery of Denmark's new naval vessels.

The parties behind the Defense Agreement has decided to initiate a development project to pave the way for the acquisition of a number of new vessels for the Royal Danish Navy. It is this task that strong, Danish partners in the form of Odense Maritime Technology, Terma and PensionDanmark are ready to take on.

“The Danish government, together with a broad majority in the Danish Parliament, has set a visionary course for the procurement of Denmark's new flexible navy vessels. The decision builds on Denmark's long and proud tradition of building ships. In Denmark, we have world-class industrial competencies, and the partnership we are launching today between PensionDanmark, Odense Maritime Technology and Terma A/S, together with the Danish maritime industry, is ready to take on that task. This will not only create Danish jobs, but also ensure that we have world-class maritime competencies in Denmark well into the future,” says Jes Munk Hansen, CEO of Terma.

Based on a strong shipbuilding tradition and the strong competencies of the Danish maritime industry, the partners will offer the full-range delivery of the new ship class including the design, build, equipping and delivery in close collaboration with the Danish Defence. Through a broad collaboration with Danish industrial players, the partners have a clear goal of ensuring a large Danish content in the new ship class and thereby create Danish jobs.

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“OMT has built up very strong competencies in modular ship design from, among other things, our participation in the British-led, international partnership for the full-range delivery of naval vessels to the UK. Now is the time to benefit from those experiences and competencies here at home, to meet both Denmark's specific needs for new naval vessels and at the same time ensure that we utilize and further develop the Danish maritime industry's unique competencies,” says Kåre Groes Christiansen, CEO of Odense Maritime Technology.

With a full-range delivery, the partners guarantee that the new naval vessels are designed and built according to the needs of the Armed Forces, including innovative Danish technology solutions that can contribute to the green transformation of the Armed Forces. This will contribute to the further development of unique industrial competencies, and it has the potential for an export adventure to the benefit of the Danish business community and Danish workplaces.

“Denmark is a pioneer in driving the green transition and the Front End Engineering Design project is an unique opportunity to investigate whether the technology is so mature that we can build the world's first green naval vessel. That would be a strong signal. There is a great demand in the rest of the world for partners who can ensure full-range delivery of naval vessels, and this opportunity has great export potential for the Danish maritime industry with Danish jobs as a side benefit. We are happy to take a lead role in this,” says Torben Möger Pedersen, CEO of PensionDanmark.

Source: Terma
Date: Jun 29, 2021

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