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Future Artillery Online

  • October 27-29, 2020
  • Online Event, Your Computer

Taking Firepower Forward

We are delighted to introduce Future Artillery Online - the virtual partner to the world's leading conference for the fires community.

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Long-range precision fires tops the US Army's list of modernisation priorities, a reality that underlines the importance of artillery as a joint enabler within a multi-domain battlespace. As proliferating A2/AD technologies threaten to undermine NATO air superiority within a contested theatre of operations, artillery must be able to reverse longstanding deficiencies in range and mass. Forces are seeking agile, self-propelled capabilities that can exceed the conventional roles of suppressive fire and manoeuvre support to enable precision striking of strategic targets at long-range - whilst minimising vulnerability to counter-fire.

Future Artillery Online provides a unique platform to look not only at the systems themselves, but also at ongoing efforts to enhance digitisation, improving the interoperability of NATO joint fires and enabling the artillery user to exploit a networked battlespace. A related focus will be enhancing C2 in a contested theatre of operations by integrating with the joint force's wider ISTAR enterprise.

Global Artillery and Systems - Market and Technology Forecast to 2027

Global Artillery and Systems - Market and Technology Forecast to 2027

Market forecasts by Region, by Platform, and by Component. Country analysis, Market Overview, Opportunity Analysis, and Leading Companies

Published: July 2019 - Pages: 246 pages

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Register now to join discussions on long-range fires, next-generation munitions, digitisation, ISTAR integration and training, with perspectives from forces deployed in Europe and as part of COIN operations around the world.

We look forward to seeing you online in October.

A high quality event with very qualified attendees which was very valuable and thought provoking.
Chief of Artillery, Czech Republic Army

Very valuable... it was extremely informative.
Commanding Officer, 10th Marine Regiment, United States Marine Corps

Great networking opportunity and useful for the learning of allied plans and capabilities.
Business Development, Orbital ATK

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2020 Speakers Include:

  • Lieutenant General Humayun Aziz, Commander, Corps of Artillery, Pakistan Army
  • Major General JGK Myam, Commander, Corps of Artillery, Nigerian Army
  • Brigadier General John Rafferty, Director, Long-Range Precision Fires Cross-Functional Team, US Army Futures Command
  • Brigadier General Winston "Phil" Brooks, Field Artillery Commandant, Chief of the Field Artillery and Deputy Commanding General, United States Army Fires Center of Excellence and Fort Sill
  • Brigadier Ben Kite, Head of Capability Strategy and Development, Army Information Directorate, British Army
  • Brigadier General Francois-Yves Leroux, Incoming Commandant, School of Artillery, French Army
  • Brigadier General Fabio Giambartolomei, Inspector of the Artillery Corps, Italian Army
  • Peter J. Burke, Deputy Project Manager, Combat Ammunition Systems (CAS), Joint PEO Armaments and Ammunition, US Army
  • Colonel John Musgrave, Deputy Assistant Chief of Staff Empowerment, Headquarters Field Army
  • Lieutenant Colonel David Clarke, Chief of Staff, Royal Artillery School, British Army
  • Lieutenant Colonel Konrad Josef Leitner, Team Leader, Indirect Fire Reconnaissance, Concepts and Capabilities Development Group, Bundeswehr
  • Lieutenant Colonel Arbo Probal, Artillery Inspector, Estonian Defence Forces
  • Lieutenant Colonel Sandel Badea, Commanding Officer, 285th Field Artillery Battalion, Romanian Land Forces
  • Lieutenant Colonel Drazen Music, Artillery Battery Commander PzH 2000, Artillery Rocket Regiment, Croatian Army
  • Ricky Hart, Principal Adviser, Land systems (Fires), DSTL

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Source: ASDEvents
Date: Oct 13, 2020
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