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Disruptive Technology for Defence Transformation Virtual Conference

  • September 15-18, 2020
  • Online Event, Your Computer


'As the world changes, so must we. We are responding with a bold and ambitious innovation initiative - to embed innovation across our organisation and transform the way we think and operate'
- Rt Hon Ben Wallace MP, Secretary of State for Defence

Key NATO nations are prioritising digitisation, disruptive innovation, and the transformation of capability across ISR; C2; the manned/unmanned/autonomous mix on land, at sea, in the air and in space; and synthetic training for future multi-domain operations.

In response to this, and the huge success of the 2019 conference, the world leading Disruptive Technology for Defence Transformation Conference will return on 16-18 September.

In light of on-going uncertainty around COVID-19, the fourth iteration of the conference will be delivered online. Taking place over 3 days, it will bring together senior figures from Armed Forces, Government, Industry and Academia to explore the integration of Digital Age technologies to retain strategic overmatch in future hybrid warfare.

Airborne ISR Platforms & Payloads - Market and Technology Forecast to 2029

Airborne ISR Platforms & Payloads - Market and Technology Forecast to 2029

Market forecasts by Region, Technology, Platform, System, Payloads, Fuel-Type, Application, and by End-User. Technology and Market Overview, Opportunity Analysis, and Leading Companies

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While COVID-19 has disrupted many traditional processes, including face-to-face meetings and events, it has also unleashed new opportunities in digitization. The DTDT Digital conference recognizes the strategic imperative to innovate through collaboration and provides a forum for knowledge sharing, network expansion, and international cooperation. Held online, it allows many more military officers the opportunity to participate, for free and without the burden of travel expense and lengthy TDY.

DTDT Digital will continue the discussion on how the application of Digital Age technology transforms the delivery of 'full spectrum effects'. It will foster debate on joint experimentation and accelerated procurement to align new military hard power with the whole range of soft power including cyber and social media. Welcoming perspectives form leaders shaping defence policy, it will assess how acquisition structures and processes can (and must) be adapted to ensure that armed forces are able to keep pace with industry's progression.

Benefits for the Military Community

  • Achieve operationalisation and exploitation of disruptive technologies by hearing case studies and learning how to advance experimentation, prototyping, and R&D efforts
  • Transform C2 and enhance decision-making by hearing briefings from the main military decision-makers, industry, and academia
  • Revolutionise intelligence, unlock the power of AI, and achieve data-drive decision-making by meeting leading solution-providers of advanced software and data management technologies
  • Multiply your force and adopt a manned-unmanned mix of capability for future multi-domain warfare by enhancing your understanding of what is in the art of the possible
  • Advance hard and soft power for hybrid warfare by embedding innovation and learning how to accelerate procurement from non-traditional defence suppliers

Benefits for the Technology Industry

  • Present your solutions to decision-makers, who are shortening their procurement cycles and accelerating integration of technologies from traditional and commercial solution providers
  • Gain first-hand insights into near, mid, and long-term development plans of NATO militaries to align your systems to capability requirements and secure future partnerships
  • Learn about how your organisation can benefit from defence innovation initiatives, focusing on military exploitation of SME and start-up technologies
  • Be the first to showcase your C4ISR and RAS solutions to Armed Forces' thought leaders, as they finalise requirements for the future Joint Force
  • Enhance your understanding of current experimentation, trialling, and R&D to inform budgetary decisions and develop winning business proposals

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2020 Conference Chairmen

  • General Sir Richard Barrons, Former Commander, Joint Forces Command (2013-2016), Conference Chairman
  • Adrian Holt, Innovation Scout, jHub

2020 Speaker Faculty

  • General Sir Patrick Sanders KCB CBE DSO ADC, Commander, UK Strategic Command
  • Air Marshal Edward Stringer CB CBE MA BEng RAF, Director General Joint Force Development & Director Defence Academy, UK MoD
  • Lieutenant General Loretta E. Reynolds, Deputy Commandant for Information, US Marine Corps
  • Lieutenant General Michael Vetter, Head of Cyber & IT Department and Chief Information Officer, German Ministry of Defence
  • Major General Tom Copinger-Symes CBE, Director Military Digitisation, UK JFC
  • Major General Mick Ryan, Commandant, Australian Defence College
  • Rear Admiral Hugh D. Beard, Assistant Chief of the Defence Staff (Capability and Force Design), UK Ministry of Defence
  • Charles Forte, Chief Information Officer, UK Ministry of Defence
  • Brigadier Dan Cheesman, Chief Technology Officer, Royal Navy
  • Brigadier Ian Langford, Director General Future Land Warfare, Australian Army
  • Brigadier General Stefan Geilen, Deputy Commander Concept & Capability Development Command, German Army
  • Brigadier Matthew Cansdale, Future Force Development Head, British Army
  • Colonel Mark Totten, Programme Director, Future Commando Force, Royal Marines
  • Colonel Jaimie Roylance OBE, Joint Warfare - Assistant Head Analysis and SSE, UK Strategic Command
  • Colonel Alex Porter, Assistant Head of Strategic Concepts, Directorate of Capability, British Army
  • Colonel (Ret'd) Enrique Oti, Former Commanding Officer, Kessel Run, US Air Force
  • Dr James Breckenridge, Provost, US Army War College
  • Dr. Chris Moore-Bick, Head S&T Policy, Strategic Research and International Engagement, UK Ministry of Defence
  • Lieutenant Colonel Arnel David, SO1 Strategic Analysis Branch, Special Assistant to the Chief of the General Staff, US Army
  • Captain Jacob Singleton, Innovation Exchange Officer, US Air Force Research Laboratory
  • Ted Maciuba, Deputy Director, Robotics Requirements, US Army Futures Command
  • Marcus Willett CB OBE, Senior Adviser for Cyber, IISS
  • Ted Bujewski, OSD (Research and Engineering), US Space Force
  • Stuart Laws, Defence Innovation-Portfolio AH2, UK Ministry of Defence
  • Elisabeth Braw, Senior Research Fellow, RUSI
  • Prof. Richard Crowell, Associate Professor, Information Operations & Cyberspace Operations Joint Military Operations Department, U.S. Naval War College
  • Raju Namburu, Ph.D, Chief Technology Officer, Information Technology Laboratory, Chief Strategy Officer, DoD HPC Modernization Program, US Army Engineer Research and Development Center
  • Terry Busch, Technical Director, Machine Assisted-analysis Rapid Repository System, US Defense Intelligence Agency

2020 Industry Speakers & Panelists

  • Gerry Cantwell, Chief Technology Officer, UKCloudX
  • Adam Smith, Managing Director, Intrepid Minds
  • Adrian Craven, Vice President C4I and Cyber, Elbit Systems UK
  • Grant Hume, Technical Business Manager Defence and HMG, Amazon Web Services
  • Brigadier General Yaron Rosen, Founder & President, Toka Group
  • Rick Mort, Sales Director, Geospatial eXploitation Products (GXP), BAE Systems
  • Mark Pearson, Chief Operating Officer, Providence
  • Tom Keane, Corporate Vice President - Azure Global, Microsoft
  • Mary Haigh, Director of Cyber Propositions, BAE Systems Applied Intelligence
  • Major General (Ret’d) Alon Levavi, Former Deputy Commissioner, Israeli Police, Advisor, Cellebrite

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Date: Sep 8, 2020
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