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Schiebelpacific Teams With Raytheon Australia for Australian Army's Land129 Phase 3

Schiebel Pacific and  Raytheon  Australia  have teamed  up  for  the  LAND129  Phase  3  Tactical  Unmanned  Aerial  System  (TUAS) project for the Australian Army. The tender response was submitted last week.

The teaming couples Schiebel’s proven and world-class CAMCOPTER®S-100 UAS with Raytheon  Australia’s 20  year  pedigree  as a  trusted, prime  systems  integrator  across multiple  domains. Together,  the  companies  will  deliver  a  solution  that  provides  a  highly capable,  low  risk  offering  that  is  intended  to  establish  an  enduring  sovereign TUAS capability.

Schiebel Pacific has extensive experience in working  with the AustralianDefence Force(ADF)and  local industry. The RoyalAustralian  Navy operates  several  systems  at  822X Squadron, Nowra,New South Wales.

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Fabian Knechtl, Managing Directorof Schiebel Pacific,said: “We are very confident that the  capability  of  the  CAMCOPTER®S-100,together  with  the  proposedintegration  into existing ADF systems,isthe best solution for the Australian Army. Additionally, Raytheon Australia’s pedigree  and  experience  in  sovereign  complex  systems  integrationmakes them  the  perfect  partner  and  our  teaming  will  assure  efficient  and  timely delivery  to  the ADF. We are fully committed to the Australian Government’s policy on Australian Industry Capability (AIC) and have already started the ‘transfer of knowledge’ to our local entity and our partners. Over the next severalyears, Schiebel Pacific will becomeknown as a highly capableAustralian UAS provider.”

The  Vertical  Take  Off  and  Landing  (VTOL)  UAS  CAMCOPTER®S-100  is  a  proven  and reliable TUAS for Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) missions. With its small  footprintand  ability  to  operate  from  confined  areas,  it  needs  no  prepared  area  or supporting  equipment  for  take-off  and  landing  and  it  can  be  set  up  and  ready  in  20 minutes.  The  S-100  operates  day  and  night  for  up  to 8hours.  The  UAV  has  globally collected more than 100,000 flight hours so far.

Source: Schiebel
Date: Jul 31, 2020

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