Operational Energy Summit

  • January 29-31, 2020
  • Alexandria, VA, United States

Delivering accessible, renewable and powerful energy solutions to enhance future operations and soldier lethality

As the DoD calls for $3.6 billion budget for 2020 and with a comprehensive plan outlined by the OES, our Operational Energy 2020 summit takes front and center in its 13th iteration, bringing together the community from across the branches of service to discuss the fuel of all operations and source to our future technologies and equipment.

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The 2019 Summit, a "fantastic event with a wide variety of government energy-related personnel in attendance," (Wade Heck, Director of Gov't Relations, BWXT) delivered key briefings from Deputy Assistant Secretaries of Air Force and Army for Operational Energy as well as Programs Managers and Senior Analysists from Navy & DLA, addressing enhancement of storage solutions, tactical power, hydrogen fuel and many other key topics at the forefront of the Defense community's agenda.

With our commitment at IDGA for the continuous development and advancement of our programs, the 2020 summit will provide exclusive and updated educational content, as well as thought leadership, knowledge exchange and opportunities for cooperation to promote energy technologies, expand reusable, accessible and efficient solutions to address the latest challenges and provide paths to enhance Soldier lethality and support logistic missions.

The Operational Energy Summit 2020 will provide the community with over-arching reviews from DoD, DLA and all branches of the military, as well as tactical and operational points of view from across the Services. With that in mind, our sessions will cover top priorities to align with the three pillars of the DoD OES. The Summit will discuss current programs and future priorities in support of logistical and operational energy solutions; emerging technologies, renewable solutions, disruptive innovation and allocating as well as resourcing and developing plans to ensure mission effectiveness.

The Focus Day will open the program with commentary from the top leaders of the sustainment, installations and operational energy community, providing strategic reviews and policy updates, thus setting the tone for the two days to follow with their extensive learning opportunities, over 10 hours of networking time with the key stakeholders and unique opportunities for you to deepen your footprint in the domain.Join us this January 29th - 31st in Washington D.C. and help shape the face of operational energy.

Top Reasons to Attend

  • Review the 2016 Operational Energy Strategy and Analyze the progress made
  • Determine New Priorities for the Future Development and Acquisition of Energy Resources
  • Discuss Operational Energy Initiatives with foremost Providers of Tactical Power Solutions
  • Hear first hand about the Future of Energy Policies of all the Military Services
  • Learn about Upcoming Requirements and Initiatives for Military Expeditionary Energy Programs
Very informative with good presentations and clear definition of today's situation and future vision. Good questions/discussions.

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2020 Speaker Faculty

Program Director

  • Shuki Hasson, Program Director, IDGA
  • Thomas Edward Morehouse Jr., Chairman, Operational Energy 2020

2020 Speakers

  • Lieutenant General Darrell K. Williams, Director, Defense Logistics Agency
  • Major General Anthony C. Funkhouser, Deputy Commanding General for Military and International Operations, US Army
  • The Honorable John W. Henderson, Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Installations, Environment and Energy, USAF
  • Lisa A. Jung, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Energy, Assistant Secretary of Defense for Sustainment, DoD
  • Mr. Jack Surash, Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army, Energy and Sustainability, Assistant Secretary of the Army, IE&E
  • James (Jim) Caley, Director of Operational Energy, Department of the Navy
  • Peter F. Green, Deputy Laboratory Director for Science and Technology, NREL
  • Professor Karen Ann Thole, Distinguished Professor and Department Head Department of Mechanical Engineering, Pennsylvania State University
  • Dr. Paul Sullivan, Professor, National Defense University
  • Colonel Adrian Marsh, Project Manager Expeditionary Energy & Sustainment Systems, PEO CS &CSS, US Army
  • Colonel Chris Barnwell, Chief, Field Experiments Division, Joint Modernization Command, US Army
  • Colonel Jesse A. Kemp, Director, Expeditionary Energy Office (E2O), US Marine Corps
  • Douglas Dudis Lead, AFRL Energy Office, US Air Force
  • Dr. Eric Dufek, Energy Storage Group Lead, Idaho National Laboratory

View 2020 Conference Agenda

Source: ASDEvents
Date: Jan 9, 2020