Terma's Revolutionary Airborne Self-Protection EcoSsystem T-OPS

We're introducing our new configurable honeycomb EW software structure known as Terma Operational Software - T-OPS, a revolutionary Airborne Self-Protection EcoSystem.

Terma’s Operational Software (T-OPS) and NATO Defensive Aids System (NDAS) takes Terma efficiency to the next level providing high end capabilities to any aircraft’s self-protection combination.

Terma’s Aeronautics vision has always been to secure the mission by providing airborne self-protection. Since 1985, we have provided cost-effective integrated Electronic Warfare (EW) solutions for fighter, helicopter, and wide body aircraft platforms worldwide. The ALQ-213 controller is the only solution offering commonality and common software across aircraft fleets.

Terma has delivered solutions all over the world utilizing our experienced organization and modular product portfolio enabling us to develop, qualify, and deliver custom-tailored self-protection installations.

The Terma solution architecture was introduced with our Electronic Warfare Management Unit to act as the over-arching controller of all EW associated equipment (Sensing and Effecting sub-systems) on-board an aircraft.

When looking into the future unknown battlespace that NATO forces will operate, a strategy to enable EW solutions to evolve has been mandated. This strategy has now matured into the STANAG 8741, which defines standard interfacing criteria for future integrated survivability solutions known as NATO Defensive Aids System (NDAS).

Terma has embraced NDAS twofold. One-fold is that Terma has always believed the customer shall have the opportunity to get the “best of breed” systems, which meets the specific national EW needs. And second fold, NDAS provides provisions to support evolving future mission survivability needs at a new pace of change.

Based on Terma’s driving involvement in the development of NDAS, we take pride in introducing our new configurable honeycomb EW software structure known as Terma Operational Software – T-OPS.

T-OPS is optimized to caretake the lifetime of a platform supporting the natural modifications driven by a moving threat landscape.

With NDAS compliant delivered solutions such as Terma’s Operational Software structure, NATO shall be able to address the threat landscapes and operational scenarios of today and be ready for tomorrows. The interfaces and the architecture are well in place and we are prepared to support the operational community in figuring out how to utilize it.

Source: Terma
Date: Dec 2, 2019