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Aptima and Milcord Merge, Uniting Defense & Federal Technology Capabilities

Mass-based companies share focus on human-centered approach to technology

Aptima, which develops tools that enhance human-machine performance for the defense and intelligence communities today announced its merger with Milcord, a government technology company that specializes in knowledge management, human social culture modeling, and cyber defense. As part of the agreement, Aptima is acquiring Milcord’s portfolio of completed, active and pending contracts and intellectual property developed under these contracts, which will continue under the Aptima corporate umbrella.

“We are thrilled to combine Milcord’s unique capabilities into our own. This brings together two companies with complementary strengths that share a focus on human-centered engineering,” said Daniel Serfaty, Aptima’s CEO and Chairman. “The agreement is an integral part of Aptima’s strategy, one that extends our science and technology base and continues to propel our pattern of 25% growth.”

Founded in 1995, Aptima has had over 800 contracts throughout the Department of Defense, with a deep expertise in researching and developing innovations that advance the integration of human and machine systems. Milcord is renowned for applying commercial best practices and fast track deployment of government solutions in the areas of knowledge management for disaster response, decision models for counter terrorism, data marts for human terrain data, mobile apps for civil military operations, and cyber defense applications.

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“This merger was attractive for so many reasons,” said Dr. Alper Caglayan, President and Founder of Milcord. “First, it was paramount that our government clients and the solutions we delivered to our clients continue to be fully supported, nurtured, and grown. Aptima provides the ideal fit, a partner with the resources and the commitment to sustain these projects and deliver their next-generation development. Equally important, our professionals—who have designed and built these solutions—will carry on their project expertise in an environment where they can continue to thrive, flourish, and enjoy their work.”

As part of the merger, Milcord’s employees, contracts, and programs of record will transition to Aptima. Among Milcord’s notable programs is the Marine Civil Information Management System (MARCIMS), the U.S. Marine Corps’ knowledge management system for global disaster and humanitarian missions. MARCIMS combines a front-end app used in the field for all manner of data, photo, and video collection, with a query-able knowledge base that supports the civil affairs community, commanders, non-government organizations, and allies involved in relief and assistance operations.

Speaking to the synergy between Aptima and Milcord, MARCIMS project manager and senior research engineer Laura Cassani said, “The MARCIMS program, built on Milcord’s knowledge management system, semantic technology, and mobile app, will truly benefit from Aptima’s expertise in human-centered engineering and informed design. We’re excited and driven to make this and other technologies ever more consumable and useful, improving how people interact with systems and information to better perform their jobs.”

Aptima is headquartered in Woburn, Massachusetts, with offices in Washington, DC, Dayton Ohio, and Orlando, Florida. The two privately held companies did not disclose terms of the merger.

Source: Aptima, Inc.
Date: Mar 13, 2017
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