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SunExpress Selects GE Aviation for Digital Agreement

Global leading data analytics solution promotes a culture of safety and efficiency

SunExpress selected GE Aviation for a comprehensive safety contract including eFOQA Mainline. The program covers the SunExpress fleet including Boeing 737 and Airbus A330 airplanes and expands upon a previous agreement to enable advanced analytics with enriched data sets that will ultimately drive greater understanding of flight trends. Implementation is currently underway.

“GE Aviation’s eFOQA is an integral tool used by SunExpress to ensure our training programs and operating policies are not only delivering upon the most stringent principles of safety and efficiency in the industry but are setting new standards of excellence. Upgrading to GE’s eFOQA Mainline solution allows us to carry this to a new level,” commented Sedat Yilmaz, assistant safety manager with SunExpress.

FOQA (Flight Operations Quality Assurance), also commonly referred to as FDM (Flight Data Monitoring), is the process of analyzing and reviewing routinely recorded flight data. Airlines and operators that adopt FOQA are better able to identify and eliminate potential safety hazards in flight operations.  

Zero Emission Aircraft Market Report 2021-2031

Zero Emission Aircraft Market Report 2021-2031

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“SunExpress puts safety as a top priority for its operations. Quality and accurate data is a major enabler to improving safety”, said Ben Ivy, senior product manager for GE Aviation. “As part of this agreement, SunExpress is able to break down barriers and make quality data available across their operations, helping airline safety while increasing efficiency.”

 “The partnership with GE Aviation and their eFOQA data analytics marks a continued commitment SunExpress has in the support of our flight operations, our flight crews and, most importantly, our customers,” Sedat Yilmaz said. “Because safety will always be our top priority, we’ve chosen to work with the industry leader.”

Used by hundreds of operators worldwide, FOQA is GE Aviation’s premier service for helping operators understand and improve safety.  GE’s patented analytics software fuses meteorological information, navigation data, and terrain mapping to identify safety events and measurements on thousands of flights every day.

Since its introduction in the airline industry more than 20 years ago, FOQA has been widely credited with reducing incident and accident rates at airlines where it has been adopted.  In its 2017-2018 Most Wanted List of Transportation Safety Enhancements, the NTSB encourages aircraft operators to improve safety oversight of their aircraft by routinely reviewing recorded flight data in a structured program such as eFOQA.

Source: GE Aviation
Date: Mar 11, 2020

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