Lilium Designates Future Orlando Vertiport as Key Network Hu
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Feb 8, 2024

Lilium Designates Future Orlando Vertiport as Key Network Hub, Supports its Designation as Advanced Mobility Site

  • Lilium designates future Orlando International Airport (MCO) vertiport as key RAM network hub for Lilium Jet operators
  • Proposed advanced air mobility site expected to drive increased passenger access, reduced costs for operators
  • Florida expected to experience greater connectivity and economic activity from AAM

Lilium N.V. (NASDAQ:LILM), developer of the first all-electric vertical take-off and landing (“eVTOL”) jet and global pioneer in Regional Air Mobility (RAM), announced today its designation of the future Orlando International Airport (MCO) vertiport as a network hub for Lilium Jet operators in central Florida. Lilium also announced its support for Florida House Bill 981, which proposes the designation of the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority (GOAA) as the Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) test site for the State of Florida.

Lilium has been a driving force for AAM activity in Florida, announcing with the City of Orlando and Lake Nona the country’s first urban and regional air mobility network in 2020. As the partners engaged in the work to bring the first full-scale eVTOL vertiport to fruition, all parties agreed that the best location would be a vertiport on airport property.

“We are thrilled about the proposed advanced aviation center at Orlando International Airport and commend Orlando for its dedication and vision to advancing AAM,” said Sebastien Borel, Chief Commercial Officer at Lilium. “Building a vertiport at the major-hub airport will ultimately enhance regional mobility by increasing passenger access and connectivity while allowing multiple operators to use the facility and share in the cost.”

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The airport city of MCO and Lake Nona will be a pivotal hub for AAM operations in Florida. Situated in the center of the state, the network is strategically placed to cater to the nearly 80 million annual visitors that the region attracts. Coupled with a world-class airport and the rapidly expanding community of Lake Nona, the airport city is expected to become a true multimodal hub for all forms of transportation.

Lilium also announced its support today for Florida House Bill 981, which designates MCO as the AAM test site in Florida and enables vertiport permitting in the state ensuring that Florida is prepared for AAM. Lilium has worked directly with HB 981 bill sponsor State Representative Doug Bankson, District 39, and Florida House Transportation & Modals Subcommittee chair State Representative Fiona McFarland, District 73, to ensure Florida is a leader in the nation and adapting policy to meet the needs of Lilium and their commercial partners.

“We appreciate the work of Chair Fiona McFarland and State Representative Doug Bankson’s efforts in this bill to ensure Florida remains a leader in AAM. These strides reinforce our decision to announce central Florida as a key launch region for the Lilium Jet and align with our longstanding commitment to accessible, sustainable transportation,” said Borel. “Solidifying the Greater Orlando region as a test bed for AAM demonstrates the state’s commitment to progressing regional mobility and advancing aviation technology.”

Lilium will continue working with the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority, Lake Nona, and the City of Orlando to support this project. Additionally, Lilium will continue working with state officials and the bill sponsors to support the vertiport legislation that allows for the safe and efficient approvals of vertiports throughout Florida with the appropriate community input.

The central Florida network will form part of Lilium’s vision of bringing regional air mobility to locations across the globe. The Lilium Jet aircraft is being purpose-built for regional trips to enable the connection of entire regions that is expected to create positive economic impact for cities and their residents, as well as increased access to industry, culture, and nature.