CAAC Validation for Viasat's Ka-Band In-flight Connectivity
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Jan 10, 2023

CAAC Validation for Viasat's Ka-Band In-flight Connectivity Integration Issued for Boeing 737 Series Aircraft

  • With VSTC, Viasat is now approved to install its system on aircraft types that make up over 75 percent of domestic planes in China

Viasat Inc. (NASDAQ: VSAT), a global communications company, today announced it has been awarded a Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) Validation of Supplemental Type Certificate (VSTC) to install its advanced Ka-band satellite connectivity system on the Boeing 737 aircraft series. Following the validation of the A320 series in April 2022, this latest approval for the 737-NG series further strengthens the foundation for Chinese airlines to install and deploy Viasat’s industry-leading In-Flight Connectivity (IFC) system, including antenna, radome, modem, server and WAPs.
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The Boeing 737 series VSTC joins a portfolio of Viasat certifications that have been applied globally to install Viasat’s IFC system on nearly 2,000 commercial aircraft. In total, Viasat currently serves 18 airline customers, averaging over 200,000 flights per month around the world.

Don Buchman, Vice President and General Manager, Commercial Aviation at Viasat, stated, “Receiving CAAC validations is a great honor as we continue to invest in China for the long run. Incredibly, our current CAAC certifications allow us to serve over 75 percent of aircraft in China. We are grateful to our partners and excited to support the digital transformation of Chinese airlines both domestically and for international flights.”

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In cooperation with China Satellite Communications, Co. Ltd. (China Satcom), Viasat’s IFC system connects with the Ka-band ChinaSat-16 satellite system to enable video streaming, browsing, messaging, social media scrolling and more to every connected device on Viasat-equipped aircraft operating over China. Viasat’s IFC system can also connect to its global network outside of China.

In addition to optimizing passengers’ IFC experiences, Viasat’s solution can enable airlines to enhance passenger loyalty, improve operating efficiencies and increase revenue-generating opportunities through ancillary content and application programs.

Announced in December 2022, Sichuan Airlines is China’s first domestic carrier to partner with Viasat’s In-Flight Connectivity Solution and China Satcom’s Satellite System. Sichuan Airlines has multiple aircraft delivering the service currently.