Enabling Experimentation on the ISS
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Nov 23, 2022

Enabling Experimentation on the ISS

On 31st October 2022, we completed the sale of our Belgium-based Space business – QinetiQ Space NV. That very successful business is now proudly part of Redwire Space, where it will continue to flourish.  However, our interest in the space domain is undiminished – just better focused on QinetiQ’s wider business strengths.

One of those strengths is testing. On Monday 21st November 2022, NASA will take an experimentation package called T-PAOLA to the International Space Station. T-PAOLA was designed and built by QinetiQ Space NV, then tested and certified by QinetiQ’s continuing space business in the UK.

QinetiQ will continue to grow its UK-based space business using our skills in hardening, testing and certifying technologies for use in the harsh environments beyond Earth.

Global Space Launch Systems - Market and Technology Forecast to 2027

Global Space Launch Systems - Market and Technology Forecast to 2027

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Space presents an increasingly vital environment to QinetiQ’s customers and it challenges all but the most robust science and engineering. QinetiQ is proud to support its customers in their missions to explore, expand and protect their interests in space.