Schiebel First UAS Operator in Europe to Receive LUC from Au
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Mar 1, 2021

Schiebel First UAS Operator in Europe to Receive LUC from Austro Control

Schiebel is  the  first  Unmanned  Air  System  (UAS)  operator in Europe to receive the organisational approval certificate - Light UAS Operator Certificate (LUC) for its CAMCOPTER® S-100 from Austro Control.  

Under the new European Union (EU) regulatory framework for civil UAS operators, it is possible to receive a LUC by the National Aviation Authority. Schiebel is the first UAV operator  in  Europe  to  successfully  demonstrate  and  meet the  requirements  for  the  certification by Austro  Control.  The  requirements  are  according  to  (EU)  2019/947  on the rules and procedures for the operation of unmanned aircrafts.

On  25  February  2021,  Schiebel  was  issued  the  LUC,  which  enables  the  company  to  self-authorise  operations,  within  the  defined  scope  and  privileges,  in  civil  airspace  without  applying  for  authorisation.  For  Schiebel  these  operations  include  commercial drone  flights,  test  flights  as  well  as  training  flights  for  pilots.  The  LUC,  which  is  also  valid  in  the  European  Union  and  EASA  member  states,  is  an  important  step  for  the  UAV  market.  It  opens  further  opportunities  in  regards to  flying  in  civil  airspace  by  allowing the operators to carry the responsibility for their operations, making the whole process  more  efficient  and  structured. The  certification  process  includes  a  thorough  review of the safety, compliance, and management system. Special focus is put on the qualification of the personnel and the handling of operational aspects.

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Hannes  Hecher,  CEO  at  Schiebel,  said:  “Schiebel  is  an  innovative  company  that  is  always  one  step  ahead.  We  are  very  proud  to  be  the  first  organisation  in  Europe  to  hold the  LUC.  Being awarded  the  LUC  as  first  UAS  operator  in  Europe is another important  milestone  in  our  company  history.  Within  the  scope  of  the  approval  conditions,   we   are   now   able   to   self-authorise   missions   Europe   wide   such   as   monitoring   of   supply   lines,   disaster   control,   border   security, and  environmental  protection ourselves”.

Valerie  Hackl,  Managing  Director  Austro  Control,  said:  “By  issuing  the  first  LUC  in  Europe to Schiebel, Austro Control has shown to be a reliable and innovative partner for the Austrian aviation industry when it comes to the fast and efficient implementation of  new  regulations.  With  this  Certificate  Austro  Control  provides  Austrian  companies  such as Schiebel with an early competitive advantage and enables them to strengthen their  international  market  position”,  said  Valerie  Hackl,  Managing  Director  Austro Control.

Magnus  Brunner,  State  Secretary  for  Aviation,  Austria,  said:  „Congratulations  to  the  Schiebel Group for receiving the LUC and achieving a milestone as the first company across  Europe.  This  is  a  great  example  of innovation  made  in  Austria  and  a  leap for the aviation  manufacturing  industry. It  proves  that  the  cooperation  between  industry and authorities, in particular with the certifying Austro Control,is well established and aims at supporting innovation and international market leaders.