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Boeing Statement on Department of Transportation Inspector General Final Report on 737 Max Certification Process

Boeing today released the following statement:

“We appreciate the Inspector General’s review of the 737 MAX design and certification, as well as the recommendations to strengthen and improve the regulatory process. Boeing cooperated fully and extensively with the Inspector General’s review.

Boeing is dedicated to the values of safety, quality, and integrity in all that we do. We have undertaken significant changes to reinforce our safety practices, and we have already made progress on several of the recommendations outlined in the final report, including implementation of an enterprise Safety Management System.

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As part of our ongoing efforts, we have made meaningful improvements across our company, including organizational changes, enhanced compliance policies and training initiatives, and the creation of new mechanisms to further ensure transparent safety and quality reporting. These actions are already driving measurable results, and we are committed to making continued improvement every day.”

Source: The Boeing Company (NYSE: BA)
Date: Feb 24, 2021