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EUTELSAT KONNECT Satellite Now in Operation!

The EUTELSAT KONNECT telecommunication satellite is now operational in orbit.  Built by Thales Alenia Space, Joint Venture between Thales (67 %) and Leonardo (33 %)  and launched by Arianespace on January 17, this high throughput satellite reached its geostationary orbit on July 22, seven months after liftoff. The satellite then underwent a battery of tests in orbit, to be now fully operational!

“I’m delighted to share this joint success with our customer, Eutelsat Communications, as well as all partners who worked with us on this major project. EUTELSAT KONNECT is the first satellite using our Spacebus NEO platform and featuring an all-electric propulsion system. We are especially proud of this program because it will have allowed us to validate the new technologies that drove the commercial success of our Spacebus NEO product line allowing to carry larger payloads and thus offer more capacity, agility and flexibility to our customers” declared Herve Derrey, CEO of Thales Alenia Space.

High-speed broadband for Africa and Europe
This new all-electric, Ka-band EUTELSAT KONNECT satellite, developed within the scope of the Neosat partnership set up by the European and French space agencies, ESA and CNES,  is designed to provide high-speed Internet services across Africa and Europe. With total capacity of 75 Gbps, it will provide access at speeds up to 100 Mbps for both companies and individuals. In Africa, EUTELSAT KONNECT will also enable shared Internet access between several users based on the installation of public Wi-Fi terminals, with users able to buy coupons that can be paid via their mobile phones.

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This new satellite will play a leading role in reducing the digital divide in Europe and Africa. The stakes will be even higher in 2022 with the advent of EUTELSAT KONNECT VHTS, also being built by Thales Alenia Space. Fitted with a very-high-performance 5th generation digital transparent processor (DTP5G), this high-power, high-capacity satellite (500 Gbps class) will deliver broadband Internet to isolated areas where it’s difficult or impossible to set up terrestrial systems, in France and throughout Europe.

Source: Thales
Date: Nov 17, 2020

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