Identity Management Symposium

  • Leveraging Identity Intelligence and Biometric Capabilities to Enhance National Security
  • June 18-19, 2019
  • Alexandria, VA, United States

As technology advances, new methods of personal identification have been developed. The application of this technology is potentially far-reaching; it can be used to better secure our own devices, protect sensitive information and intelligence in the workplace from outside hackers and insider threats, and identify our adversaries in operational environments. Identity and Access Management technologies and policies have already been implemented across the military and federal government and their usage will continue to evolve as technology develops.

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Our 2019 Identity Management Symposium will foster conversations about the implementation of IAM across the military and Federal Government, current and future R&D efforts around IAM technology, policy surrounding IAM implementation, and other challenges and considerations for identity management.

Topics to be Covered at the 2019 Symposium:

  • Leveraging Biometrics for Threat Detection and Defense
  • Applying Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to Identity and Access Management
  • Automating Identification: The Future of DoD Identity and Access Management
  • Setting Standards and Frameworks to Secure Federal Government-Information Systems
  • The Role of Biometrics in Identifying and Tracking Immigrants
  • Biometric Data and Identity Management: Current Research and Development at DARPA
  • Revolutionizing the Creation and Management of Digital Identities though Innovation

Why you Should Attend this Year's Symposium:

Our 6th Annual Identity Management Symposium will focus on the technologies and policies necessary for the further development of identity and access management used by the DoD, DHS, Law Enforcement, and Federal Government.

Identity intelligence, informed by forensic and biometric data collection and analysis, provides DoD, DHS, Law Enforcement, and Federal Civilian Organizations with critical capabilities to help identify threats, reduce costs, and target valuable resources where they are most needed. Advances in identity intelligence allow for the discovery of unknown potential threat actors by connecting individuals to other people, places, events, or materials, analysis of patterns of life to establish baselines and identify abnormalities, and measurement of an actor or group's potential threat level to US interests. The 2019 Symposium will address the technological and policy advancements in the field of identity intelligence and foster discussions about how to implement these to better manage identity and access.

Our team specializes in the extensive research and development of our Symposiums' content and focus areas, and we will assemble the most respected minds in identity management as well as key-policy makers across military and civilian offices. Our non-partisan approach allows us to reach across all services and organizations to bring together a truly holistic group of decision makers and solution providers.

2019 Early-Confirmed Speakers Include:

  • Glen D. Krizay, Director, Defense Forensics and Biometrics Agency
  • Shonnie Lyon, Director, OBIM
  • Colonel Tom Clancy, IdaM Lead, CIO, Department of Defense
  • Will Graves, Chief Engineer, PM DoD Biometrics
  • Chris Munn, Chief of Identity Intelligence, Under Secretary of Defense Intelligence
  • Denise McFaddin, DMDC, Identity, Credential and Access Management
  • Patrick Grother, Biometrics Standards and Testing Lead, NIST

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Source: ASDEvents
Date: May 10, 2019