European Airline Traffic in September

The Association of European Airlines has released traffic and capacity data for its members in September 2006. Traffic growth was generally slightly down compared with recent months. Overall, the passenger-km increase was 4.5% compared with a year-to-date of just over 5%. Far Eastern traffic remained buoyant at plus 8.8%, slightly down on the double-digit increases which prevailed in the first half of the year. Intra-European cross-border traffic also maintained a strong showing, at +6.8%. On the North Atlantic, the weakest of the major markets, the increase was just 1.1%. The only negative in September was in Middle Eastern traffic, which was 2.7% down on 2005 as the military action in Northern Israel and Lebanon continued to affect the figures. With overall capacity up 4.7%, a very small downturn was recorded in passenger load factor, which nevertheless remained high at 79.4%. This was essentially the result of a very large decrease of almost seven percentage points on Middle East operations, and a smaller but potentially more damaging downturn on the North Atlantic, where for the second successive month a three-point drop was posted.

Source: Association of European Airlines
Date: Oct 29, 2006

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