navAero tBag(tm)C22 Class II EFB Achieves STC on A319/320/321 with Virgin America

(October 12, 2006, Chicago, IL USA) -- the navAero tBagTMC22 has received Supplemental Type Certification (STC) as a Class 2 Electronic Flight Bag system on the Airbus A319/320/321 series aircraft. Executed by Avionics Support Group in cooperation with Virgin America, this marks yet another STC achieved this year for the navAero tBagC22 Class 2 EFB hardware. The STC Number ST 03335AT for the A319/320/321 series aircrafts was issued on October 3, 2006. Virgin America plans a fleet-wide deployment of the navAero EFB hardware on its A320 aircrafts. As a Class II device, the navAero t.BagTMC22 system is suitable for use during all phases of flight. Ken Crowhurst, navAero Executive Vice President and Managing Director, stated "We are tremendously excited about this certification of our Class 2 EFB system into one of the world's most popular aircraft types. With more than 3,200 aircraft sold worldwide, the A320 Family is the undisputed leader in the single-aisle jetliner marketplace. The navAero t.BagTM C22 Class II EFB computer and display technology gives operators of this aircraft type the ability to deploy today a high quality, robust and cost effective Class II hardware solution for charting applications and other aviation software designed to help them improve their operational efficiency. We are delighted to have collaborated with a technology innovator like Virgin America to be our launch customer for the A319/320/321 series." "Personal computing technology is not new in the cockpit of commercial airlines; however, this advancement - the ability to mount a portable system - allows Virgin America to realize the maximum return on our investment in EFB technology," said Joe Houghton, Vice President and Chief Pilot for Virgin America. "We can now automate all of the necessary pilot paperwork to greatly help the airline increase efficiencies, save money and maximize our performance during all critical phases of flight." The navAero t.Bag TMC22 hardware can also be utilized for running airline-specific applications. And deployments like real-time weather services can be easily integrated as well as functions such as video surveillance, automated security, document libraries, along with a wide range of data communications applications.

Source: navAero
Date: Oct 12, 2006

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