European airlines 'confident' of solution in passenger-data talks

(02.10.2006) -- The Association of European Airlines has announced it is "cautiously optimistic" that EU and US negotiators will find a satisfactory solution to the current legal uncertainty on the transfer of passenger data. Although the 30th September deadline set by the European Court of Justice, to amend the legal basis of the May 2004 agreement between the EU and the US on the transfer of passenger data, has passed, both sides have confirmed that day-to-day operations under the current arrangements will not be called into question as talks continue. AEA Secretary General Ulrich Schulte-Strathaus commented: "Our airlines are subjected to conflicting regulatory requirements from opposite sides of the Atlantic - an untenable situation for airlines and passengers alike. But we have been in close contact with our negotiators in recent days, and they assure us that our airlines will be able to satisfy the legal requirements of both the EU and the US. Negotiations are progressing, and we are confident that a solution will be found that meets the concerns of both sides. On behalf of the 25 million passengers carried on AEA member airlines each year to and from the US, we welcome these assurances."

Source: Association of European Airlines
Date: Oct 2, 2006

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