Crane Aerospace & Electronics to Provide Wheel Speed Transducers for F-16

(LYNNWOOD, Wash., September 27, 2006) -- Crane Aerospace & Electronics has been selected by Hill Air Force Base to provide the Wheel Speed Transducers for the F-16 aircraft modernization upgrade program for the United States Air Force and the Foreign Military. The Wheel Speed Transducer is one component of a brake control system, which also includes hydraulic valves and associated controls. The Transducer senses the speed of the wheel's rotation and provides this information to the control unit so that the proper brake control force is applied. Under the terms of the contract, Crane Aerospace & Electronics will provide 3,500 Wheel Speed Transducers for the F-16 with deliveries planned for November 2006 through July 2007. The United States Air Force program manager stated, "The F-16 community is eagerly expecting the new Wheel Speed Transducers which require less maintenance by improving MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure). MTBF will be improved from 850 to 20,000 hours." Greg Ward, Aerospace Group President, stated, "This is a significant win for Crane Aerospace & Electronics and reinforces our expertise in custom-engineering brake control electronics. We are proud to do our part to ensure that the F-16 brakes safely. This program is a prime example of our commitment to provide our customers with retrofit programs offering safety enhancements and lower operating costs."

Source: Crane Aerospace & Electronics
Date: Sep 28, 2006

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