TAP selects Lufthansa Systems to provide IT support for integrated flight operations

Full range of solutions allow TAP to reduce costs and optimize operations processes (Lisbon/ Kelsterbach, September 21, 2006) -- Lufthansa Systems and the Portuguese airline TAP announced that they have signed a contract to implement the Lido Operations Center (Lido OC) route planning and dispatch system, the Lido RouteManual charting solution, and Lufthansa Systems FMS data services at TAP. In the first step, the implementation of Lido OC is scheduled to be completed by autumn this year. "With Lufthansa Systems we have found a full-service IT provider with an in-depth understanding of our flight operations processes who can help us to achieve our goal of significantly reducing costs in this area," explained Manoel Torres, Senior Vice President Airlines at TAP. This marks the beginning of a long-term partnership, as both companies are currently discussing next steps to introduce further solutions from the Lufthansa Systems portfolio in the course of this year. The Portuguese airline is thereby able to lay the foundations for bundling its operations processes in an integrated operations control center (IOCC). "We are pleased that TAP has chosen us to streamline their processes and reduce their costs in this business-critical area of operations. We are looking forward to working with them over the next months to help them integrate their solutions in order to generate maximum value," commented Marc Szepan, Senior Vice President Airline Operations Solutions at Lufthansa Systems. Triggered by a drive to reduce fuel costs, TAP is aiming to optimize their route planning and flight dispatch processes with the support of Lido OC. Currently used by almost thirty airlines worldwide, the system covers all aspects of route planning, dispatch and flight following procedures. The spectrum of functionality and processes includes many enhanced features such as the automatic calculation of flight plans and distribution of flight related data. The system will be hosted in-house with application and database administration provided by Lufthansa Systems. Lido OC, FMS data services, and Lido RouteManual all build on the Lido navigation database. This allows TAP to efficiently integrate its aeronautical data, systems and work processes, thereby reducing costs and improving operational flexibility. Developed and continually updated by Lufthansa Systems, this database contains aeronautical information available worldwide. With the Lido RouteManual, TAP is able to benefit from state-of-the-art technology in chart generation. This tool is based on a geographic information system (GIS) and the GIS charts differ considerably from the charts previously produced by CAD tools because they are generated electronically from the Lido navigation database. Highlights of the charts, which are drawn to scale and are oriented magnetic north up, include a clean and uncluttered design, clear color-coding and self-explanatory symbols.

Source: Lufthansa Systems
Date: Sep 21, 2006

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