QinetiQ Selects RTI's Real-Time Middleware for Strategic Test and Evaluation Network

(SANTA CLARA, CA, September 11, 2006) -- Following a detailed evaluation of available commercial middleware products, QinetiQ, a leading defense and security technology company, has chosen RTI Data Distribution Service to provide a real-time data-distribution infrastructure for its test and evaluation systems. These systems form part of the company's Long-Term Partnering Agreement (LTPA) contract with the UK MOD. QinetiQ is updating its test and evaluation systems to provide robust control and monitoring for trials of military assets operating on land, sea and air in widely disparate locations. RTI's implementation of the Object Management Group's (OMG's) Data Distribution Service for Real-Time Systems (DDS) standard fits well with QinetiQ's innovative open modular architecture design. Factors considered in the evaluation included standards compliance, performance, lifecycle costs and customer support. "One of the key objectives of these upgrades is to deliver a real-time distributed communications environment to provide the basis for a modular open-standard/COTS development and deployment platform," stated John Jacobs, performance director of System Delivery Services at QinetiQ. "RTI Data Distribution Service provides an underlying data-driven infrastructure that simplifies system maintenance while supporting the easy introduction of additional assets into the system, whether real or simulated, without having to redesign software." "QinetiQ's test and evaluation systems are an ideal application for RTI and the DDS standard," commented David Barnett, VP of Product Management at RTI. "RTI Data Distribution Service was designed specifically to ease the development of heterogeneous systems requiring time-critical and mission-critical data across highly distributed networks while maximizing future scalability and flexibility. I am delighted that QinetiQ concluded that RTI was best able to meet their stringent requirements in such a demanding application." QinetiQ's test and evaluation systems are being developed in line with QinetiQ's vision of an Integrated Test and Evaluation Capability (INTEC), which proposes a strategy that progressively networks facilities and integrates command and control systems to create a distributed real-time platform supporting greater resource flexibility across many remote sites. The design will also accommodate the integration of simulated components to allow construction of a richer test and evaluation environment. Underpinning this strategy is a technical architecture that promotes mobile systems and, where possible, commonality of components.

Source: RTI
Date: Sep 11, 2006

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