ATK Receives $38M Award to Produce LW30mm Ammunition for Apache AH-64 Helicopters

Contract Options Could Increase Total Value to Approximately $63 Million ( Minneapolis, August 11, 2006 ) - Alliant Techsystems (NYSE: ATK) has received a $38 million contract modification from the Joint Munitions Command, Rock Island, Illinois, to produce light weight 30mm High Explosive, Dual Purpose (LW30 HEDP) ammunition for use on the Apache AH-64 helicopter. If all contract options are exercised, the total contract value could exceed $63 million. The LW30mm rounds are fired from ATK's M230 Gun System, which is mounted under the nose of the Apache AH-64. With LW30 HEDP ammunition, the Apache is capable of defeating a wide range of targets including light armor vehicles and tanks. "The combination of ATK's LW30 ammunition and the company's M230 Chain Gun offer Apache air crews an exceptional weapon system for battlefield superiority," said Jim Cates, Vice President and General Manager ATK Medium Caliber Systems. "We're proud to provide the Apache with the firepower it needs to complete the mission."

Source: ATK
Date: Aug 11, 2006

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