Sweden joins air transport programme

The Government has decided that Sweden will join the multinational Strategic Airlift Interim Solution (SALIS) programme in order to increase its capability to participate in peace-support operations. "Membership of SALIS means that Sweden will increase its opportunities to participate in peace-support operations over long distances. It is an important step in being able to address the current lack of strategic air transport capability. This is a shortcoming we share with other European countries and it is positive that we can cooperate in finding solutions," says Minister for Defence Leni Bjorklund. SALIS is a multinational arrangement between sixteen countries. The arrangement aims at providing the member states with access to strategic air transport capability in connection with peace-support and humanitarian operations. The term strategic transport refers to transport of heavy loads over long distances. The aircraft that SALIS member countries will have access to are An-124-100s, which can carry loads of up to 120 tonnes. In all, the programme deals with possible access to six aircraft. Two of these will be chartered by SALIS on a full-time basis, which provides rapid access to considerable transport capacity. An additional four aircraft will be available upon request. The current arrangement will be in effect for a three-year period. Membership of SALIS means that Sweden will be able to pre-book flying time at a predetermined cost. Under the agreement, Sweden has reserved some 40 flying hours per year, but more time can be booked upon request. The Government took a decision to sign the SALIS Partnership Cooperation Agreement at a cabinet meeting on 29 June.

Source: MOD Sweden
Date: Jul 12, 2006

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