AS&E. Wins Prestigious ''R&D 100'' Award

(BILLERICA, Mass., July 11, 2006) -- AS&E's SmartCheck(TM) Personnel Screening System Recognized by R&D Magazine as One of the Most Significant Innovations of the Year American Science and Engineering, Inc. (NASDAQ: ASEI) (AS&E(R)), a leader in X-ray detection technology, announced today that it has won R&D Magazine's prestigious R&D 100 Award for 2006, the editors' choice for the 100 most significant technological innovations of the year. AS&E received the award for developing SmartCheck(TM), a comprehensive, non-intrusive, personnel screening system that leverages the company's patented Z(R) Backscatter(TM) X-ray technology to display all threats concealed under a person's clothing, while ensuring privacy. Ideal for use in airports, border crossings, and high-threat facilities, SmartCheck is designed to maintain the privacy and dignity of the scanned individual while still effectively displaying threats and contraband. The system utilizes safe Z Backscatter technology to display both organic and metallic materials hidden on a person's body, revealing objects such as guns and knives, plastic explosives, composite weapons, drugs, and more. SmartCheck's photo-like Z Backscatter image gives the operator an easy-to-read display of where the threat or contraband is hidden, thus eliminating the need for intrusive and time-consuming pat-down searches. "We are thrilled that R&D Magazine has recognized the technological achievement of our SmartCheck Personnel Screening System within its esteemed R&D 100 list," said Anthony R. Fabiano, President and CEO of AS&E. "SmartCheck offers the dual benefits of detecting the broadest range of threats on a person, while also ensuring their privacy. The result is a safe personnel screening system that provides a more cost efficient and effective screening process for identifying potential weapons, drugs, and other illegal substances in high-threat environments. We are very proud of the great work by our entire team in bringing this best-in-class product to market." Named the "Oscars of Invention" by the Chicago Tribune, the R&D 100 Awards were established in 1963 to help companies provide the important initial push a new product needs to compete successfully in the marketplace. The winning of an R&D 100 Award provides a mark of excellence known to industry, government, and academia as proof that the product is one of the most innovative ideas of the year. Over the years, the R&D 100 Awards have recognized winning products with such household names as Polacolor film (1963), the flashcube (1965), the automated teller machine (1973), the halogen lamp (1974), the fax machine (1975), the liquid crystal display (1980), the printer (1986), the Kodak Photo CD (1991), the Nicoderm antismoking patch (1992), Taxol anticancer drug (1993), lab on a chip (1996), and HDTV (1998).

Source: American Science and Engineering
Date: Jul 11, 2006

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