Jeppesen Designs and Delivers Advanced Rnp Approaches at Gary/Chicago International Airport

First Ever Approach to Runway 12 Available This Fall (ENGLEWOOD, COLO., July 7, 2006) -- Jeppesen recently completed a two-year-long project to bring the latest Required Navigation Performance (RNP) technology to the Gary/Chicago International Airport (KGYY) located in Gary, Ind. Jeppesen worked closely with airport staff as well as local FAA officials to create two public RNP procedures to runway 12 and runway 30. The runway 30 procedure is published and ready for use now, and the runway 12 procedure will be available in fall 2006. When available, the RNP runway 12 approach will mark an important milestone for the airport-the first time this runway has ever been served with an IFR approach. Thanks to the flexibility and accuracy associated with RNP procedures, the Jeppesen team was able to build an approach with a precise, curving approach path to runway 12 that avoids the airspace and landing traffic at Chicago Midway. The limitations associated with conventional approach procedures made this a visual only runway in the past. The Gary/Chicago International Airport provides convenient access to downtown Chicago and the surrounding region. The implementation of the Jeppesen-designed RNP procedures is only one upgrade planned for the airport. Numerous upgrades to navigation equipment and a runway extension project will make the airport an attractive option for business and commercial operators. The FAA will now assume the maintenance of these RNP procedures to ensure proper obstacle clearance in the coming years. The RNP runway 30 approach was effective 8 June, 2006; however, it requires special aircrew and authorization to execute. "Prior to the design phase, our staff members gathered input from the airport tower personnel, Chicago TRACON and FAA Great Lakes Regional Flight Procedures Office for coordination of traffic flows and to ensure a smooth implementation of the procedures," said Andy McDowell, Jeppesen senior manager, Airspace Design Services. "Now Gary/Chicago International Airport will be able to offer operators the latest in navigation technology and improve its all-weather capability with the first ever IFR approach to runway 12." Jeppesen delivers complete end-to-end custom approach procedure design services, including technologically advanced RNAV and standard VOR, ILS and NDB procedures around the globe, including countries that operate under PAN-OPS rules. Jeppesen can also design and deliver RNP procedures that offer near ILS precision and minimums, without the cost and maintenance associated with ground-based systems. In addition to complete airspace design services, Jeppesen offers efficient and cost-effective Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP) production and compliance management for countries around the world.

Source: Jeppesen
Date: Jul 7, 2006