Terma Information Support System selected for London Military Area Radar Service

(June 27, 2006, Herlev, Denmark) -- The British air navigation service provider, NATS (National Air Traffic Services Ltd.), has selected Terma A/S for the supply of a new Support Information System (nSIS) for London Military Area Radar Service (LMARS). The system will be installed at NATS' Swanwick site before year end 2006. Terma's Information Support System, ATC*ISS, is designed to aid air traffic controllers by enabling them to toggle between computer screens, monitors, paper notes, manuals, and directories. ATC*ISS integrates various sources of information, both dynamic and static, regardless of type and presents them flexibly on the controllers workstation screen. It will provide the controllers with real time data and one-stop access to updated and validated information Regardless of source, all pertinent data requested by the controller will be accessed through an easy and fast search procedure. Search results will be presented almost immediately, an essential tool at a busy controller workplace. The system integrates validated information from a wide selection of sources to provide maximum support to controllers. Data is within immediate reach, presented in figures or graphics and minimises the time taken to retrieve information. The ATC*ISS product has a high ratio of COTS (Commercial Off The Shelf) components that warrants a high up-time, low failure rate, modest maintenance costs, and over-all systems reliability and safety. The use of COTS also entails minimum lead-times from procurement to implementation. Conceived in the early 1990s, and having since been continuously updated and expanded, ATC*ISS is now in service with more than 1,000 daily users at both military and civilian airports in eight countries, having proved its value as a cost-efficient and safety-enhancing ATC (Air Traffic Control) tool. Terma Air Traffic Management Within Air Traffic Management, Terma is a global supplier specializing in developing applications for information display for the controllers, and for communication between the controllers and pilots. Our core product lines include Integrated Information Support and Display System for airport control centres and towers, ATIS/VOLMET (data-link and voice), Departure Clearance/Pre-Departure Clearance (data-link and voice), Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast (ADS-B) surveillance and navigation, radar/ADS situation display, and 2K LCD Displays.
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Source: Terma
Date: Jun 27, 2006

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