Feasibility Study TOKEH Light Tactical Mission Vehicle

(12 June 2006) -- Rheinmetall Defence's TOKEH Light Tactical Mission Vehicle - shown at Eurosatory 2006 as a feasibility study - is a versatile, highly innovative product, specially tailored to meet the needs of special operations units. Underscoring the company's role as Europe's leading supplier of systems and equipment for ground forces, the TOKEH is a valuable addition to Rheinmetall's portfolio of high-mobility vehicles for special operations forces, an important tool of international crisis management. Developed in-house by Rheinmetall Landsysteme GmbH, Europe's top maker of wheeled and tracked armoured vehicles, this state-of-the-art vehicle set new standards in a number of respects. The TOKEH is part of Rheinmetall's systematic response to the altered mission requirements of today's armed forces. Transportable in a NH 90 helicopter, the TOKEH is a highly mobile 4-wheel drive vehicle, equipped with innovative height-adjustable suspension system. Based on a platform carefully dimensioned to match the NH 90, RLS developed the TOKEH specifically to meet the need of the special operations forces of Germany. It carries a two-man crew. The vehicle's outstanding off-road mobility and numerous special equipment features - including run-flat tyres - ensure that special operations teams can operate and keep on the move even under the most gruelling conditions. Moreover, the TOKEH can be mounted with a light machinegun, manned by the vehicle commander. The vehicle is powered by a 2.3 litre-diesel engine, which - in conformity with Euro III norms - delivers excellent performance coupled with low fuel consumption. Completed extremely quickly, the TOKEH project demonstrates in compelling fashion Rheinmetall Defence's efficiency and innovative strength as a reliable partner of the armed forces of Germany, its allies and other likeminded nations. Other technical features: - Very good power/performance ratio, excellent handling characteristics - Fast: maximum speed is 120 km/h - Goes a long way on one tank of fuel, enabling long-range operations without refuelling - High ground clearance - Central tyre inflation system Technical data: Vehicle length: 3,400 mm Vehicle width: 1,600 mm Vehicle height (prior to airlifting): 1,400 mm Track width: 1,365 mm Wheel base: 2,280 mm Total permissible weight: 2,400 kg Weight when empty: 1,800 kg Maximum speed: 120 km/h Climbing capability: 60 % Tyres: 235/85 R16 with run-flat elements Central tyre inflation system: yes ABS: yes Engine: IVECO F1A EURO 3 / 2,300 ccm 85.5 kW / (at 3900 pm) 270 Nm

Source: Rheinmetall
Date: Jun 27, 2006

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