Sisu Defence presents a new Sisu off-road truck range

A quite new SISU 10x10 with CAT engine and LEGUAN Bridge system Finnish military truck manufacturer Sisu Defence will present a quite new 5-axle SISU E 15 T 10x10 off-road military vehicle in Eurosatory 2006 Exhibition. The SISU 10x10 is a big brother to heavy SISU 6x6 and 8x8 off-road trucks. SISU 10x10 presented in Eurosatory is equipped with 26 metre MLC70 LEGUAN Bridge and Launching System mounted by Krauss-Maffei Wegmann GmbH & Co..KG (KMW). The vehicle has a new two seated Sisu cabin with mine and ballistic protection. The engine is Caterpillar C15 with 550 hp / 1900 rpm and torque 2508 Nm / 1200-1500 rpm. The vehicle is equipped with an automatic 7-speed Allison gearbox, full time all wheel drive with 4 inter axle and 5 axle differential locks. Axles 1, 2 and 5 are steered. Axles are made by Sisu Axles Inc. The vehicle launched in Eurosatory is the first of nine vehicles serie ordered by The Finnish Defence Forces. The design and manufacturing of the vehicle is made in co-operation with Sisu Defence, KMW and Patria. The whole range of Sisu High Mobility Vehicles - also SISU 8x8, SISU 6x6 and SISU 4x4 - are designed to operate under varying transportation conditions. The heavy duty frame has a high bending resistance and torsional stiffness. The basic chassis has a high load bearing capacity, making it suitable for a variety of roles.It has favourable life-cycle cost and it's easy to modify. Special versions can be supplied. The first model of the Sisu off-road range has been designed and developed in co-operation with the Finnish Defence Forces. SISU vehicles are suitable for all kinds of road and terrain transportation of containers. The truck can be equipped with a demountable platform, where the hook lift is integrated directly into the truck frame. To keep the system simple and functional, SISU has developed an independent hydraulic system to the truck. The SISU off-road truck has excellent handling properties. Even an untrained driver can manage the vehicle if needed. The SISU off-road trucks are highly suitable also for civilian applications. All critical components are located in well protected places. For example the cooling radiators are mounted behind the protected cabin. The use of standard components contributes to economical operating costs under normal conditions and assures continued operation and maintenance in crisis. Quality standards are based on both ISO 9001 and AQAP 110 requirements. Sisu Auto has also the quality certification no. 44 of the Finnish Defence Forces. In December 2005 Sisu Defence signed a contract to supply SISU 8x8 off-road trucks to Lithuanian Defence Forces The vehicles represent new SISU ETP range of military off-road trucks. They carry a new armoured, low-profile Finnish-made SISU cabin and a mine-protected chassis structure. The vehicles to be delivered to Lithuania will be equipped with a body-integrated hook lift that enables platforms and containers to be loaded fast even in field conditions. Some of the vehicles will also carry a robust winch unit and towing equipment. The deal is worth of more than 20 million euros and also includes an option for additional deliveries amounting to over 10 million euros.

Source: Sisu Defence
Date: Jun 15, 2006

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