Elbit Systems adds new UAV system to Skylark family

Skylark II - designed for long endurance ISTAR capability at 50 Km close range missions ( Haifa, Israel, June 12, 2006 ) - Elbit Systems Ltd. (NASDAQ: ESLT) has introduced a new UAV system to its Skylark family - Skylark II. Integrating technologies developed for the man-packed Skylark I mini UAV system and Hermes tactical UAV systems, the Skylark II is a close range class tactical UAV system providing advanced, high performance ISTAR capabilities. The compact and easily deployable system is ideal for both military and homeland defense missions. The Skylark -II Close Range Tactical UAV can perform day, night and adverse weather observation, data collection and target marking at mission ranges exceeding 50 kilometers. The system is designed for battlefield deployment using Humvee class field vehicles equipped with an integral launcher for point launch and recovery, and an advanced dual station Ground Control Station. Full cycle operation is possible with a crew of two. The advanced UAV is highly autonomous with mission centric capabilities that include all Hermes family heritage flight and mission modes. The Skylark-II Air-Vehicle dimensions and weight allow for handling by the 2 person crew during all mission phases from assembly to launch and recovery . The technologically advanced propulsion system is silent, lightweight and highly efficient. It enables medium altitude as well as low altitude covert flights for sharp imagery and operational reconnaissance under cloud covers with no risk of exposure. The streamlined gimbaled and stabilized triple sensor payload features a color CCD day camera, 3rd generation thermal imaging night camera and a laser illuminator.The Skylark II joins the already operational Skylark -I a man-pack UAV system, designed for day and night observation and data collection "beyond the hill" at short ranges of about 10 km. The Skylark I system also features exceptionally quiet propulsion, totally autonomous flight and outstanding observation capabilities. Elbit Systems' UAV family is playing a pivotal role in today's global war on terror. Defense and Homeland Security forces around the world benefit from the UAVs' ability to perform sophisticated missions without risking pilots' lives. Elbit Systems' UAVs have flown over 45,000 operational hours in Israel and other countries worldwide. The various UAV systems in the family are designed for a wide range of applications and include the Hermes 1500, Hermes 450 - chosen to lead the British Armed Forces prestigious WATCHKEEPER program, and Hermes 180 - the smallest UAV in the Hermes family.

Source: Elbit
Date: Jun 12, 2006

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