Implant Sciences sells two Quantum Sniffer handheld explosives detectors

(WAKEFIELD, Mass., May 31, 2006) -- Implant Sciences Corporation (AMEX: IMX) a developer and manufacturer of products for national security, medicine and industry, today announced a new order for two (2) units of our Quantum Sniffer handheld explosives detection equipment to be shipped to an internationally recognized transportation logistics and overnight delivery company. Disclosure of the final destination, disposition and use of the units ordered is not provided here for security reasons. Joanne Arsenault, Implant Sciences' VP of Sales & Marketing-Security Division, stated, "We continue to make inroads in introducing our proprietary explosives detection technology and products to the commercial sector. We recently announced the acceptance of an order from a maritime agency for shipboard security. This order now provides us an important introduction to the commercial, air and ground transportation logistics and overnight delivery industry. By expanding our distribution focus to the commercial sector, we believe we may establish a channel that will mitigate the cyclical nature of the government markets." Dr. Anthony J. Armini, PhD., CEO of Implant Sciences, commented, "Although this is a small order in terms of quantity, we believe this order is significant in terms of our continued efforts to penetrate the commercial sector. Our customer is clearly one of the leaders in providing international transportation logistics and shipping services. We are gratified that our new customer appears to have chosen our Quantum Sniffer explosives detection technology and product as a compelling alternative to currently available explosives detection systems. We plan to continue our efforts to penetrate the various commercial sectors that may benefit from Implant's differentiated products for security applications."

Source: Implant Sciences Corporation
Date: May 31, 2006