New Orders for Quantum Sniffer(TM) Explosives Detector from Local Maritime Agency

(WAKEFIELD, Mass., May 16, 2006) -- QUANTUM SNIFFERS TO BE SHIPPED TO LOCAL U.S. CARRIER OF MARITIME PASSENGERS AND VEHICLES IN MASSACHUSETTS Implant Sciences Corporation (AMEX: IMX) a developer and manufacturer of products for national security, medicine and industry, today announced new orders for four (4) units of our Quantum Sniffer handheld explosives detection equipment to be shipped to a local maritime agency in Massachusetts responsible for the daily transportation of public passengers and vehicles. Disclosure of the final destination, disposition and use of the units ordered is not provided here for security reasons. Joanne Arsenault, Implant Sciences' VP of Sales & Marketing-Security Division, stated, "We are gratified at being selected by our maritime customer for this order, which we believe is important for several reasons. First, Implant was selected as the recipient of this order in a competitive bid process, which included well-known multi-national suppliers of security equipment. Additionally, the bid process began in March of 2006. We were pleased that Implant was able to demonstrate the benefits of our explosives detection technology and close this deal so quickly when the typical sales cycle takes far more many months. Finally, we will be working closely with our maritime customer in developing protocols for the use of explosives detection technology in maritime applications, such as the transportation of public passengers and vehicles. We are hopeful that in developing these protocols, Implant may gain a competitive advantage in the U.S. for the placement of additional equipment in similar maritime transportation situations throughout the country." Dr. Anthony J. Armini, PhD., CEO of Implant Sciences, commented, "I would like to congratulate Joanne and her sales team in this important victory over several formidable competitors. I agree with Joanne that this is an important victory and it could open new doors domestically for the sale of our explosives detection products. We believe that cooperation with our maritime customer in developing protocols could be an important step in assisting other U.S. maritime agencies, both in the private and governmental sectors, in establishing their protocols for how explosives detection equipment could be deployed in this application. We are hopeful that this may also increase the commercial exposure to our technology, and the importance it could play in strengthening security, to potential customers in various maritime industries concerned with the transportation of public passengers and vehicles, such as cruise lines and local and regional ferry systems."

Source: Implant Sciences Corporation
Date: May 16, 2006