Customers Rely on Jeppesen E-link for Electronic Distribution

Airlines large and small using Jeppesen e-Link as transition to electronic flight bag and paperless flight operations (ENGLEWOOD, COLO., April 21, 2006) -- In less than two years, the number of airlines and operators using Jeppesen e-Link Internet chart and data delivery system has increased from 10 to 100 customers, and adoption rates continue to grow. This rapid embrace by the market is a reflection of how Jeppesen is meeting the demand for critical navigational information to be disseminated digitally, free from the constraints inherent with physical media. Jeppesen has continued its long history of innovation and leadership by building a digital distribution network that is unrivalled anywhere in the industry. e-Link is a ground-based solution that gives airlines secure access to charts, NOTAMs, and data electronically via the Internet, allowing them to shed much of the paper once needed in the operations environment. e-Link was first operational in mid-2002, and as evidenced by this latest milestone of 100 customers, adoption rates have been extremely positive. Only Jeppesen can support an operator with a complete portfolio of navigation services, both paper- and electronic-based, that covers the globe, and best practice expertise that allows a logical transition into the digital world. In fact, many operators have used e-Link as an initial entry into digital information, and then have worked hand in hand with Jeppesen as they integrate EFB and other technologies that make the paperless flight deck a reality. Jeppesen is the only company able to offer its customers a Total Mission Solution, including EFB, airline operations services, and full chart and document logistics management. More than just tools and technology, Jeppesen has the experience and resources to ensure success. Only Jeppesen brings all of this together and delivers real world solutions from a single, trusted source. "e-Link was one of our first digital chart and data delivery solutions for our airline customers, and we are very pleased that so many of them have found the system beneficial to their operation," said Thomas Wede, senior vice president, Commercial and Military Aviation. "e-Link is laying the ground work for us to help more and more of our customers in this market segment realize the value, convenience and increased efficiency that a fully digital operation can provide."

Source: Jeppesen
Date: Apr 23, 2006