Implant Sciences Receives Notice of Allowance for Explosives Detection Technology

(WAKEFIELD, Mass., April 19, 2006) -- Implant Sciences Corporation(AMEX: "IMX", "IMX.WS") a developer, manufacturer and marketer of products for national security, medicine and industry, today announced that it has received a "Notice of Allowance" from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for its fifth patent in the field of explosives detection technology. The US Patent, entitled "Flashed Vapor Sampling for a Trace Chemical Detector," covers a heating methodology used in connection with trace explosives and toxic substances detection. The proprietary sampling technology increases the emission of vapors from a target, an explosives substance for example, using a pulsed light source. The pulsed light not only has the benefit of increasing emissions, but it may have the advantage of conserving energy and reducing the likelihood of overheating the target surface. This pulsed light source has the further advantage of rapidly warming the target surface which should enhance the concentration of trace explosives in the vapors emitted and sampled. Dr. Anthony J. Armini, PhD., CEO of Implant Sciences, commented, "This fifth patent addition to our explosives detection portfolio provides additional protection of our innovative technology for existing explosives detection products, products under development and future products in this field. We believe by increasing the concentration of molecules in the vapor samples through use of a pulsed light, the sensitivity of our explosives detection device improves and may lead to larger scale detection equipment, such as an improvised explosives detection device and car bomb detector. In addition to this recent addition, we currently have three additional patents pending for our explosives detection technology."

Source: Implant Sciences Corporation
Date: Apr 19, 2006