Sarcos Robotics Awarded SBIR Phase II Contract to Develop a Full-Body Exoskeleton for Logistics Applications

Sarcos® Robotics, a global leader in the production of robots that combine human intelligence and dexterity with the strength, endurance and precision of machines to improve efficiency and reduce occupational injuries, today announced that it has been awarded a Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase II contract from the United States Air Force to develop a full-body exoskeleton for logistics applications.


“We are gratified to have the opportunity to expand the scope of our exoskeleton development efforts with the U.S. military to include a full-body logistics version capable of enhancing strength and endurance for logistics applications, including activities such as pushing and pulling, loading and unloading crates, and carrying payloads over a wide variety of terrains,” said Ben Wolff, chairman and chief executive officer of Sarcos. “The deployment of logistics exoskeletons in the military holds the promise of being a true force multiplier, augmenting human strength and endurance while reducing the risk of injury.”

Source: Sarcos Robotics
Date: Nov 1, 2017