Salient CRGT Awarded Contract to Provide Engineering Support

Salient CRGT announced the award of a $3.2 million subcontract to Excellus Solutions, LLC to support the Defensive Cyber System Engineering (DCSE) program. Under the DCSE program, Excellus and Salient CRGT will provide expert level engineering support and standardization to the Air Force (AF) Cyberspace Vulnerability Assessment (CVA)/Hunter and Cyberspace Defense Analysis (CDA) weapon systems.

The DCSE program is a new contracting opportunity designed to augment the U.S. Air Force engineering team for the CVA/H and CDA Weapon Systems. Excellus and Salient CRGT's support provides the customer the opportunity to readjust U.S. Air Force engineering manpower and increase solution response capabilities to the end user.

Under this contract, Excellus and Salient CRGT will provide much-needed support to realign the systems engineering efforts with the program office and Air Force Space Command (AFSPC) policy, direction, and guidance. Additionally, Salient CRGT will provide system design, modification, sustainment, and life cycle engineering support. Due to the requirements of the supported weapon systems and how they are fielded to the end user, Excellus and Salient CRGT has staffed the program with highly specialized personnel capable of adapting to a fluid operating environment.

"The addition of our highly skilled systems engineers and architects to the CVA/Hunter and CDA weapon system teams will greatly improve the program office's ability to provide Tier III and Tier IV support to the operator in the field," said Brad Antle, CEO of Salient CRGT. "The increased capabilities brought to the program by Excellus - Salient CRGT team provides an opportunity to increase the knowledge base on the team as well as increase the response rate to the ever-increasing needs of both supported weapon systems."

Source: Salient CRGT
Date: Oct 18, 2017