International Fighter Conference

Delivering Airpower for the Multi-Domain Battlespace

2017 is a critical moment for combat airpower. As F-35 nations prepare to take delivery of 5th generation aircraft, NATO and its partners are confronting security threats on the Alliance's eastern border. The operating environment grows ever more complex, and fighters are now required to execute missions in demanding A2/AD environments. As air forces sustain readiness for a near-peer conflict, they must also develop COIN capabilities to support the suppression of terrorism and insurgency. In short, guaranteeing air superiority has never been tougher.

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International Fighter 2017 will be your annual opportunity to engage with chiefs of air staff, senior capability developers, strategists and force commanders, as they gather in Berlin to debate the delivery of combat airpower in an information-heavy, multi-domain battlespace. Critical topics include 4th and 5th generation integration, LVC training, armed reconnaissance or light attack, EW, weapons systems, information fusion, manned/unmanned teaming, cyber resilience and spectrum superiority.

Co-chaired by the recently retired Commander of USAFE-AFAFRICA, and the former Chief of Staff of the German Air Force, the forum will welcome an expert delegation from countries including the UK, Italy, Sri Lanka, Romania, Switzerland, Kenya and Belgium. Join them in Germany as they train tomorrow's pilot, plan for tomorrow's mission and suppress tomorrow's threat.


2016 Featured:

  • Interactive Panel Discussions - including; Industry view of the Fighter Market, Senior Leadership 'Commanders' Forum', Communicating Air Power, The Future of Air Power 2035 , and The Optimum Live / Synthetic Training Balance
  • Post Conference Focus day examining two key areas - A morning dedicated to training and LVC and an afternoon dedicated to Mission Planning
  • Independent analysis and global trends in fighter aircraft. The state of the market, current headline hitting stories and the perception of defence procurement in an age of austerity
  • High-level presentations - we are honoured that several Chiefs of Air Staff and other senior leadership officials are delivering presentations and unparalleled insight into their work, challenges and future plan

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2017 Co-Chairmen

  • General (Retd.) Frank Gorenc, Former Commander, USAFE/AFAFRICA
  • Lieutenant General (Retd.) Klaus-Peter Stieglitz, Former Commander, German Air Force

Keynote Speakers & Panelists 2017

  • General Tod D. Wolters (Tentative), Commander/Director, USAFE/AFAFRICA, NATO AIRCOM & JAPCC
  • General Dato’Sri Affendi Bin Buang, Chief, Royal Malaysian Air Force
  • Lieutenant General Karl Müllner, Commander, German Air Force
  • Lieutenant General Joachim Wundrak, Commander, Air Operations Command, German Air Force
  • Colonel General Sergii Drozdov, Commander, Ukrainian Air Force
  • Air Marshal Kapila Jayampathy, Commander, Sri Lankan Air Force
  • Air Marshal Maanat Wongwat, Director of Operations, Royal Thai Air Force
  • Air Marshal Shahid Akhtar, Deputy Chief of Air Staff (Training), Pakistan Air Force
  • Lieutenant General Rubén C. García Servert, Commander, NATO Combined Air Operations Centre Torrejon
  • Rear Admiral DeWolfe H. Miller III (Or Nominated Representative), Director, Air Warfare, OPNAV N98, US Navy
  • Air Vice Marshal M Sanaul Huq, National Defence College, Bangladesh Air Force
  • Brigadier General Petr Hromek, Deputy Commander, Czech Air Force
  • Air Commodore Bradshaw, Lightning Force Commander, Royal Air Force
  • Brigadier Eric Mbugua Kinuthia, Base Commander Laikipia Air Base, Kenya Air Force
  • Colonel Emanuele Spigolon, Deputy Programme Manager, Joint Strike Fighter, Italian Air Force
  • Colonel Etienne Faury, Head of Plans Division, French Air Force
  • Colonel Jeroen Poesen, Division Chief Air Operations and Training, Belgian Air Force
  • Captain John Enfield, Naval Aviation Warfighting Development Center, US Navy
  • Lieutenant Colonel Joseph Kleeman, Commander, Def/3 Warrior Prep Center, Polygone EW Range, US Air Force
  • Wing Commander Martin Rendall, Officer Commanding, Air Battlespace Training Centre, Royal Air Force
  • Mr Thomas Lawhead, Director of Staff, F-35 Integration Office, US Air Force
  • Mr Oscar Bladh, Project Manager Survivability & EW Gripen E, FMV
  • Mr Justin Bronk, Research Fellow, RUSI
  • Mr Douglas Barrie, Senior Fellow For Military Aerospace, IISS
  • Incoming Policy Director, Air Force HQ, Republic of Korea Air Force

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Source: ASDEvents
Date: Oct 2, 2017