Future Mortar Systems Conference

Maintaining Advantage in Dynamic Tactical Environments

At seven years, the Future Mortar Systems conference is longest running strategic forum about mortar systems and the role of indirect firepower in contemporary and future tactical environments.

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The role of infantry and artillery in contemporary operations is continuously under reassessment as land forces look to prepare for both near-peer and low-tech adversaries whose tactics are increasingly hybrid. Transformations in concepts of operations will have a significant impact on land forces and the employment of indirect firepower and this, in turn, is shaping and reshaping the contemporary mortar system and its desired effects in the battlespace. The 2017 Future Mortar Systems conference allows warfighters a unique opportunity to share their perspectives on what a robust indirect fire capability could or should look like to achieve success in future conflicts.

Beyond operational and strategic discussions, the 2017 FMS event will identify both persistent and emerging challenges and priorities that are shaping the contemporary thinking of infantry, artillery and marine corps. Key areas for discussion will include training and safety, noise and weight reduction, munitions standardization, target acquisition, digitized fire support and mobility.

What are the benefits of attending this year?

  • Gain exclusive insight from international mortar operators on their capabilities, future requirements and operational experience
  • Find out what strategies or technologies are being used to enhance accuracy, range, and lethality, whilst also ensuring logistical simplicity and mobility, to better support your indirect fire capability
  • Network with the global mortars community, all in attendance to address urgent challenges and explore new avenues for cooperation and improvement in capabilities
  • Learn about the most recent and upcoming developments in mortar technologies including: precision-guided munitions, digital command and control systems, GPS software vulnerabilities, insensitive munitions, and simulations
  • Gain access to new doctrinal thinking on the future role of infantry indirect firepower from senior military officials
  • Get a rare opportunity to share expertise and operational experience with the a diverse community of experts from communications and cyber, the Special Forces, and R&D


"Excellent perspectives and knowledge sharing,"
Delegate 2015

"Extremely valuable event"
Delegate 2015

"This event was very good to see the current state of mortars"
Engineer, US Army, Delegate 2015

"Provided some key insights about future planning in several countries that will help to inform our company's development initiatives"
Delegate 2015

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Industry Thought Leaders

  • Leon Bitar, Vice President of Operations, Everis Aerospacial y Defensa, NTGS
  • Kari Reunamäki, VP Weapon Systems, Patria
  • Marko Patljak, Product Manager Fire Support Solutions, Saran Vectronix AG
  • Colonel Paul Daniels (Ret), Senior Manager, International and Growth Programs, Precision Indirect Fires, Raytheon Missile Systems


  • Mr Christopher Foss, Independent, Consultant

Introducing the 2017 Speaker Faculty

  • Lieutenant Colonel Jim Turner, SO1 Light Forces, Close Combat , Ground Manoeuvre Capability, British Army HQ
  • Lieutenant Colonel Andrea Bandieri, ACOS Training Innovation & Interoperability, Italian Special Operations Forces
  • Lieutenant Colonel Refael Aviya, Head of the Keshet Section, Weaponry Department, Israeli Ground Forces
  • Lieutenant Colonel Eike Sinzig, Office of Army Development – Infantry, Bundeswehr
  • Major Adam White, Second in Command/Operations Officer, Australian Army
  • Major Nils Carlsson, Future Organisation Development Officer, Swedish Army
  • Major Peter Kolennikov, Company Comander, Field Artillery And Rocket Forces Department, Ukrainian MOD
  • Eungsoon Jang, Director of Armored Vehicle Project Team, South Korea Defense Acquisition Program Administration
  • Major Chris Tyson, OIC of Enlisted Gunnery & Cannoneer Schools, US Marine Corps
  • Major Erik Verstraelen, Liaison Office to the Dutch MOD, Belgian Ministry of Defence
  • Major Fabien Stassinet, Fire Support, Land Forces Command, French Army
  • Captain Luis Rivas, Commander, Mortar Company, US Army
  • Master Sergeant Ian Peterson, Director Target Acquisition School, US Marine Corps
  • Major Mark Dobson, CI Mortar Division, Specialist Weapons School, British Army
  • Dr Pamela Sheehan, Demil & Environmental Technologies, US Army RDECOM-ARDEC
  • Staff Sergeant Dwayne Carty, DI (DES) Mortar Division, Specialist Weapons School, British Army
  • Ryan Hooke, Munitions, US Army RDECOM-ARDEC
  • Ralph Tillinghast, Director, Collaboration Innovation Lab, ARDEC
  • Thomas Nielsen, NATO Support and Procurement Agency

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Source: ASDEvents
Date: Sep 26, 2017