MEDEVAC 2017 Conference

Welcome to the MEDEVAC community's annual international meeting

MEDEVAC is a sector of our industry in constant demand. In the US alone, there are around 400,000 rotary-wing MEDEVAC transports made annually, and a further 150,000 patients are flown by fixed wing aircrafts.

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As the industry prepares for its next challenges, readiness and responsiveness is vital. Our unique platform provides the opportunity for medical service personnel and procurement teams to learn share and connect with solution providers and thought leaders.

The 2017 programme will focus on developing the required capacity to react to humanitarian crises and the casualties of conflict and terrorism. Specifically our agenda will include sessions discussing blood cold chain solutions for foreign theatres, biocontainment units, new rotary platforms and the recruitment and retention of medical personnel.

In this cost-constrained environment, we will also be looking at the requirement for nations to pool and share resources and the trend towards interoperability, a hugely important element in the future of MEDEVAC.

We look forward to welcoming you to London in October!


Attend MEDEVAC 2017 to:

  • Hear the latest updates and operational case studies from UN peacekeeping operations and understand how multinational operations are continuing to adapt to austere environments in order to best organise your aeromedical resources.
  • Inform future planning and budgeting decisions by gaining an understanding of how emerging technology over the next 5-10 years is going to increase MEDEVAC capacity whilst maintaining cost-efficiency.
  • Communicate with- and understand how- military, industry and NGOs are able to cooperate and find solutions to resource problems without affecting quality of care.
  • Engage with our most senior, varied and influential speaker panel to date to gain a truly global and well rounded insight into how MEDEVAC operational capability can be optimised.

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2017 Speakers include:

  • Dr. Willliam Walters, Director, Operational Medicine, US. State Department
  • Major General Muin S Al-Habashneh, Director General of the Royal Medical Services, Jordanian Armed Forces
  • Major General Salahuddin Qasim, Vice Principal, Army Medical College, Pakistan Army
  • Major General Pierre Neirinckx, Medical Component Commander, Belgian Armed Forces
  • Major General Martin Bricknell, Director Medical Policy & Operational Capability, UK Ministry of Defence
  • Air Commodore Clare Walton QHP, Air Officer, Medical Operations, Air 38 Group, Royal Air Force
  • Brigadier General Édouard Halbert, ACOS Operations of the French Surgeon General, Head of Operations Division, Ministère de la Défense
  • Brigadier General Zoltan Bubenik, Surgeon General, Czech Armed Forces
  • Brigadier General Brigadier General Lee Payne, Air Mobility Command Surgeon, Headquarters, Air Mobility Command, U.S Air Force
  • Brigadier General Boris Zdilar, Head of War Medical Unit, Croatian Armed Forces
  • Colonel Bruno Kuehberger, Air Staff, Austrian Joint Forces
  • Colonel Colonel Dr. Armando Torner Alonso, Deputy Surgeon General, Spanish Armed Forces
  • Colonel Dr. Ishay Ostfeld, Cardiothoracic Surgeon Commander, Medical Corp, Israeli Defence Force
  • Commander Robert Fossberg, Chief of the Norwegian Aeromedical Evacuation Unit, Norwegian Armed Forces, Joint Medical Services
  • Colonel Bajram Begaj, Director of Military Hospital, Albanian Armed Forces
  • Captain. Dr. Filippo Larosa, MARCOM Medical Advisor, Allied Maritime Command, NATO
  • Colonel Prof Colonel Prof Lyubomir Aleksiev, Deputy Chief, Military Medical Academy, Bulgarian Armed Forces
  • Captain Luis Miguel Gonçalves, Captain, Medical Department, Portuguese Air Force
  • Denis Bron, Chef Flugmedizin, Head of AeMC
  • Medical Officer, Irish Defence Force
  • Daniel Petrilak, Project Officer Medicall, European Defence Agency

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Source: ASDEvents
Date: Sep 20, 2017