Tomahawk production team delivers 4,000th missile

The U.S. Navy and Tomahawk manufacturer Raytheon Missile Systems Company celebrated the  delivery of the 4,000th Block IV cruise missile to the fleet in August.

“Tomahawk is known as the ‘nation’s weapon of choice’ and delivery of 4,000 missiles is significant,” said Capt. Mark Johnson, Tomahawk Weapons System program manager. “Each member of the Tomahawk team has played a vital role in achieving this meaningful milestone and it is definitely one to be celebrated.”

Earlier in the month, the Functional Ground Test (FGT) Team at Naval Surface Warfare Center in Indian Head, Maryland successfully conducted a production acceptance test of the latest missile.

“The purpose of the event was to test a new missile right off the production line, with the end goal being to verify that it meets the mission requirements using the latest operational embedded software” said Phil Vaughn, FGT program manager.

Mike Spriggs, FGT lead engineer, explained that the Indian Head FGT Team has been supporting the Block IV missile, from early development to the most recent production tests.

“We take pride in supporting the Tomahawk program by helping them provide a more reliable and effective weapon to the fleet," he said.

The Block IV variant was initially fielded in 2004 and provided the fleet with added capability to reprogram the missile while in-flight via two-way satellite communications. The missile can be pre-programmed to strike alternate targets or manually redirected to any GPS coordinates.

The Tomahawk Weapons System is a highly advanced missile that can be launched from ships or submarines and can fly into heavily defended airspace 1,000 miles away. The TLAM is used for deep land attack warfare, and is currently employed by U. S. Navy surface ships and U.S. Navy and United Kingdom Royal Navy submarines.

Source: Naval Air Systems Command
Date: Aug 16, 2017