Surface Warships USA Conference


We are delighted to produce the North American iteration of the Surface Warships Summit. The urgency to participate is based on the United States Presidential focus on meeting the needs of a surge ready naval force. Preparation for an expanded fleet begins with the 2017 Department of Defense Appropriation Bill, which requires the Navy to modernize cruisers. Further, tension at sea and investment in electronic warfare systems by adversaries raises the threat level for deployed fleet.

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Join us in Washington, DC this October 31 - November 2 as we host Navy Commanders, operators and experts from the acquisition community to prepare for naval expansion. We conduct research to understand the critical nature of the program and values your participation to help advance government operations.

Meet with strategic leaders in the defense community to Upgrade, Build and Maintain an expanded fleet.

  • Surface Warships Summit is mission focused, crafted to address the following issues:
  • Expectations of fleet growth to 355 ships over the next 10-15 years
  • Increased tension across the Pacific Ocean as China plans to catch up with U.S. fleet modernization
  • Rapid pace of electronic warfare upgrades used by adversaries to project power across the sea
  • Preparation for the 2018 National Security Strategy to be implemented in 2019 budget
  • Organizing a surge ready naval force that is trained to operate in modern warfare using advanced systems


Agenda topics

  • Restoring force readiness ahead of planned ship-builds
  • Electronic warfare systems to defend against threats at sea
  • System upgrades to safeguard shipping lanes
  • Surge ready ships with a greater lifespan
  • Ships with space, weight and power allowance for 4+ decades
  • Align Navy requirements with Federal level planning
  • International case study on upgrades and new capabilities
  • Outgun the enemy with combat ship design


"Very valuable as a networking event"
Director, Strategic Programs, DRS Power Technology, Inc.

"I thought the quality of the speakers was excellent and the way they were grouped together created a lot of synergy. I have been to 3 Surface Warships events it is an outstanding opportunity to interact with counterparts from a wide range of navies and industry."
Programme Manager, US Navy

"Good cross section of subjects and speakers achieved this year. Very useful for keeping abreast of programme developments in other Navies."

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  • Rear Admiral Stephen Williamson, Director for Fleet Maintenance, U.S. Navy
  • Captain Ned Lundquist, Ret., U.S. Navy
  • Captain David Bauer, Commanding Officer, Surface Maintenance Engineering Planning Program, U.S. Navy
  • Captain William Lintz, Commanding Officer, Center for Information Warfare Training (CIWT), U.S. Navy
  • Captain Jeff Cares, Ret, U.S. Navy, Alidade
  • Paul DeLuca, Senior Engineer, RAND Corporation

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Source: ASDEvents
Date: Aug 16, 2017