Jeppesen to Enhance Safety With Airport Mapping System on Airbus Aircraft

(ENGLEWOOD, COLO., March 9, 2006) -- Jeppesen will provide its Airport Mapping Database (AMDB) for the On-Board Airport Navigation System (OANS) developed by Thales for Airbus aircraft. The OANS will provide operators of Airbus aircraft with high-resolution airport moving maps that depict the aircraft’s position in relation to airport surface features such as taxiways, runways, hold points and more, resulting in increased flight crew situational awareness during ground operations. The system and database are designed with commonality for all Airbus aircraft, namely the A380, A330/A340 and A320 families. The OANS will dynamically render high resolution geo-referenced airport maps using the Jeppesen airport data. The maps are presented to the pilots on the large format liquid crystal display. The Jeppesen AMDB currently provides approximately 300 major airports worldwide, with additional airports being added upon customer request. Information is captured via satellite imagery and ground survey points and includes: runways, taxiways, guidance markings, gates, aprons, parking areas, deicing pads and the location of buildings. The Jeppesen AMDB and the processes for data collection, quality assurance and maintenance meet the requirements set forth by RTCA DO272 and EUROCAE ED99-User Requirements for Aerodrome Mapping Information. The OANS is being developed with the intent of increasing crew confidence and situational awareness during ground operations by reducing the incidence of navigation errors at airports worldwide. This digital database and display system reduces the need for paper on the flight deck and reduces crew workload by providing rapid access to essential airport information. According to Greg Bowlin, Jeppesen senior vice president, Strategic Business Development, "Our work on OANS with Thales aligns well with a fundamental value we have always held at Jeppesen—improving safety through innovative information solutions."

Source: Jeppesen
Date: Mar 9, 2006